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  • Up Next for Siri: The Mac
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Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell your Mac what to do? Well, Apple may just be looking to the Mac for Siri’s next destination. Apple’s OS X 10.9 may include deep Siri integration. In addition, Apple might be planning to bring Maps to the desktop. Both Siri integration and a desktop version of Maps would bring the Mac closer to what iOS can do. For users, developers, and Apple, Siri integration and a desktop Maps makes a good deal of sense. Why? Take a look at Apple’s proposed logic:

Maps for Mac: The Horror!

Needless to say, Maps didn’t go over well with iOS users. Immediately missing Google’s Maps, iOS users who upgraded to iOS 6 found, and find, Apple’s Maps frustrating. But, there might be a solid reason why Apple should bring Maps to the desktop. The more people use Maps and become familiar with Maps, the more help Apple will receive while developing Maps further. This is precisely how Google Maps became such a great tool, so why shouldn’t Apple follow suit?

The other reason why Maps for Mac makes sense is that Apple wants developers to become familiar with Maps. This way, Maps can become a better tool. Since iOS users are still without a great version of Apple Maps and Google Maps for iOS doesn’t exist quite yet, it’s a good idea for everyone who may use Apple’s Maps in the future to encourage and help Apple build this mapping system. The same goes for Siri.

Siri For Mac: What It Might Include

Those who upgraded to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion have already had a taste of Apple’s great dictation software. But, Siri for Mac may take this idea one step further. Might Siri be able to conduct a web search for you? Pull up a file or start a new Word document? Could Siri send a Skype message or post on Facebook? It all depends on how deeply integrated Apple intends to make Siri. As with Maps, though, the more people use and learn how to use Siri, the better the app will be.

Apple hasn’t confirmed any of these rumors as of yet. However, brining both Siri and Maps to Mac makes a lot of good sense. Apple needs to expand its iOS apps by letting desktop users see what these apps are all about, and by letting developers have a crack at learning a tool like Siri. Apple is rumored to be working on both of these desktop updates currently.

It is estimated that Apple will soon make a desktop app announcement, though that specific date has not been announced quite yet. If you current own a Mac, would you like to see Siri or Maps on your desktop? Or, do you wish that Apple would just give up the whole Maps concept and let Google back in the front door? The Mac world seems to be split over these rumors, though only time will tell what Apple truly intends to do.