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Got Siri? If you use Siri, you may be surprised to find out that Apple stores all of your Siri commands for up to two years. Sound like a privacy issue? Well, that's what a Wired reporter thought, so the site contacted Apple for further clarification.

Apple's Response to Security Concerns

Apple did confirm that the company does store your Siri commands and conversations for two years. But, don't worry. Apple has no way of tracing conversations back to any individual owner. Curious as to what happens when you create a new Siri conversation (yes, even yelling at the app counts!)?

When you yell, scream, or speak to Siri, your commands are then sent to Apple. From there, Apple assigns the commands a completely random number. Then, Apple uses that number to trace and track all of your conversations. It is that random number that's associated with your account, and not your phone number or Apple ID or any other identifying information.

Shutting Siri Off

What happens if you shut off Siri or get a new phone? Apple then cuts all ties with your account, but your recorded Siri information hangs around for another 18 months. Why? Apple uses these details to improve its products. For example, if you asked Siri a hundred times to call someone, but it doesn't recognized the word "call," Apple might improve this function.

In a way, Siri allows Apple to make improvements on products, and that benefits you in the long run. Is there any danger is what Apple is doing? Well, it depends on how you look at it. Technically, Apple isn't connecting Siri to you at all. That random number is completely random. But, some warn that the number could be traced back to you if need be.

Advice: Be Careful

Cnet is reporting that American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Nicole Ozer has told people to be careful what is said via Siri. If you say some things that are personal or contain crucial information, be aware that Siri is recording these things. Further, that information will be stored for two years.

Most of the time, Siri users aren't saying much at all to the app. So you really don't have much to worry about. Just don't let Siri in on any family secrets or bank account information. In other words: play it safe. As the ACLU states: "Siri works for Apple, so make a note to yourself to really think before you speak."

Poor Trusted Robot

Has Siri become a friend to you? Do you use Siri all the time? Are you now worried about your information? Apple states that there is nothing to worry about, and I'm guessing that's a pretty accurate statement. After all, we are talking about millions of random numbers here.

I'm curious, though, do you still feel safe using Siri after learning about this information? What do you think about Apple storing details for two years? Sound off below, folks. Who knows, Apple just might respond to your concerns.