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  • Things Siri Can Already Do
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Things Siri Can Already Do

Apple recently told the world what Siri will be able to do with the new iOS 8 update. But, surprise! You can already do some of these things if you just play around with Siri a bit. Some of you may be using these tricks already. In case you’re not, though, here’s what Siri can already do.

Post to Social Media: you can ask Siri to “post to Facebook” or “post to Twitter,” and she’ll do as she’s told (just tell her what to post). You do have to set up your Facebook account first, though, so make sure to log in and add all that good stuff. From there, Siri will post accordingly.

Write and email or send a text: Yes! You can ask Siri to write an email or send a text message for you. The only thing I’ll warn you about here is to make sure that the person you want to communicate with is listed in your phonebook with a normal name – if you ask Siri to find someone with a nickname, you may end up sending a note to the wrong person. Siri can’t use WhatsApp yet, though, so stick to your iPhone text.

Remember who someone is: if you tell Siri that “Richard is my brother,” she’ll ask you if you want her to remember that Richard is your brother. If you say, ‘yes,’ the only thing you have to do from now on is say: “text my brother.” That one is a neat trick.

Turn it on or off: did you know that you can tell Siri to turn off certain settings or turn those settings back on? For example, you can say, “turn on do not disturb,” and Siri will turn on that function. This is a handy thing to use if you don’t want to flip through iPhone settings.

Siri can sing, kind of: if you ask Siri to sing you a song, she’ll take a bit of coaxing, but she’ll eventually recite a poem. It’s kind of fun to ask her things like this, since she can have a bit of attitude!

Other Fun Details

Siri can actually do a lot of things, and I highly recommend getting used to using Siri. Why? Because she just makes your life a lot easier. It’s really useful to tell her to set a timer or turn something on or off, so that you don’t have to do it on your own. Once you get used to letting Siri run things, you’ll see just how clever she really is.

The only complaint I have is that you still have to touch that home button – if Apple could setup Siri voice activation (completely hands-free) that would put the icing on the cake for this writer.

If you have an iPhone and you want to test Siri out, go for it. Once you get used to what Siri can do (before or after that new iOS update), you’ll never go back! Have you found anything that Siri can do that’s not part of this list?