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The famed NYC Fashion Week just passed, and while this even was focused on fashion, technology took center stage. There were lots of technology-laced details that were part of Fashion Week, but one device stood out from the rest. The Skanz Silicone Bracelet is a small bracelet that many business-savvy people were wearing during Fashion Week.

Why is such a small bracelet turning out to be such a huge deal?

Instead of exchanging business cards, people were scanning each other’s bracelets. Confused? Let me explain further. The Skanz bracelets contained a Quick Response code (QR code). These codes contained a bevy of information about the person who was wearing the bracelet. Skanz passed these bracelets out to select people, but you can purchase your own Skanz bracelet from the company directly.

QR Codes Explained

A QR code is, technically, a barcode. You know those barcodes you see on everyday supermarket items? The ones that the cashier scans before telling you how much an item costs? Well, this is the same principle behind the QR code – only these codes hold much more information than a regular supermarket barcode.

A QR code, when scanned with a smartphone, can pull up a person’s phone number, website, business contact information, and lots of other details. In order to store these details inside of a smartphone, the only thing that’s necessary is a quick scan.

As you can imagine, these bracelets (and QR codes in general) have a lot of potential. Gone are the days when business cards were needed. Here to replace paper cards are QR bracelets that contain all the contact information your new business contact needs to know about you.

How the Skanz Bracelet Works

Skanz bracelets are connected to a personalized Skanzsite. This site, once completed, contains all the information that someone needs to know about you. The site can contain a resume, a link to your blog, and links to any social network that you’re a part of. As soon as someone scans your bracelet, all of this information will pop up. Setting up your Skanz bracelet is simple too.

Users can log onto the Skanz website, fill out some profile questions, add any information necessary, and then type in a unique Skanz bracelet code. As soon as that code is entered, the bracelet and the personalize site will be connected. The whole thing takes just minutes to complete, but the idea is an amazing one. According to the NY Times, Skanz also sells personalized QR code smartphone cases, decals, and other QR devices.

Business of the Future

If you work in any kind of technology-related field, a Skanz bracelet is almost mandatory. This is especially true if you happen to work within the social media field. It’s safe to say that QR codes will quickly become the next biggest form of advertising, and many large companies are set to create their own codes for the upcoming holiday season.

If you run a business, consider checking out Skanz. These bracelets look simple, but they are filled with lots of complex information that your future business partners will want to know about you.