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  • Skitch

Work smarter, not harder is a saying that many people are fond of saying in this day and age. If you’re a Mac user you know better than anyone how easy it is to waste time doing common tasks like taking and sharing screenshots from your computer.

Thankfully, problems with sharing pictures or screenshots from your computer are a thing of the past thanks to Skitch. This Mac program is free to download and once you install it on your Mac it can be accessed from your menu bar.

How Does Skitch Work?

Skitch is best used for screen capturing a whole window, image or any piece of content that you want to share from your computer. Once you capture an image Skitch will place a frame around it and you can pick from a variety of tools that will help you to easily add text, shapes or arrows to the image.

This program also has the same features that other photo editors have like crop, resize and color change options that can make a photo look old, glossy or stylish. Once you’ve edited your image you can save it to any photo format and then upload it to your Skitch account online or other sites like Facebook or Twitter.

Is The Paid Version Worth It?

If you decide to upgrade to the paid version of Skitch you’ll have the ability to use its cool Drag and Drop features to quickly select, work on your image and cut down on several steps that can be a pain with other programs. Another cool feature that comes from upgrading to the paid version of Skitch is that users have the ability to share their images with friends or co-workers, control their privacy options so everyone doesn’t see their image and also quickly create HTML code for sharing their images online in their websites or social media accounts.

The paid version of Skitch is a huge upgrade to the free version and will unlike its full potential so users can enjoy its sketching capabilities and all of its powerful screen capture tools. Skitch is also integrated with iPhoto, MobileMe plus other standard ways of uploading photos like FTP.

Skitch And Business

If any business it’s important to be able to deliver results to clients fast. With Skitch you can quickly take screen shots and send out images to clients quickly via chat or email without having to spend hours editing or going through multiple steps that are common with other editors. В 

You Need A Powerful But Easy Photo Editor

With Skitch you can have the confidence that you will be able to easily edit your picture anytime you want without having to figure out or wade through all of the bells and whistles that are so common with other photo programs.

Skitch isn’t Photoshop by any means but if you’re looking for a fast, daily program for taking screen shots or editing your photos this simple, fluid program has everything that you’re looking for.