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  • Skype for Web Is Here: Details Inside
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There’s a new Skype in town, and this one can be loaded directly from your browser. According to the Skype official blog, the new Skype for web can be accessed simply by heading to Skype.com, and signing in.

Skype for web is currently in beta, but it’s a big step, since many would be Skype users have been asking for this development for a long time. Here’s what you’ll find with the new Skype for web.

Simpler and Ready

The best example of why you’d need to access Skype through the web is this: you’re using a friend’s computer or you’re at an Internet cafe in some remote country, and neither computer has the Skype app already downloaded. But, you need to connect with someone that’s on Skype, and that’s the only way to reach this person. With Skype for the web, you can now simply go to Skype.com, log in, and start chatting - no apps or downloads needed.

As mentioned, the new Skype for web is currently in beta, but it should roll out to all users within the next few weeks. Right now, you can use Skype for web through Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or Safari. In order to make a call through Skype.com, though, you will still have to download a plugin, but Skype is working on making calls through the site possible in just one click - it’s just not there yet, but it will be very soon.

Existing and New Users

If you already have a Skype account, you can log into your account through the Skype.com website. Just use your username and password, log in, and see all of your history and conversations, and you can send a message to anyone right away (no plugin needed for that). Skype has really made some strides here, and it’s something that most people using Skype will really appreciate.

Skype is also asking those that have tested out the new web option to let the team know what you think of the Skype web service, so send a note to the Skype team via email or Twitter or any other method, if you’ve been chosen to test the service. Needless to say, the new Skype for web option is definitely something that most Skype users have been looking at for a while, and it’s a request that Skype has paid attention to, finally.

Other Chat Options

There are some alternatives to Skype, but if you have to connect with people in other countries or anywhere else in North America, Skype really corners the market. The only concern that most people have with this service is that Skype is free, and that might mean that Microsoft records some data for marketing purposes, so do keep this in mind (but it’s nothing to really be concerned about.

If you have been added to the beta testing list for the new Skype.com option, let me know how it’s going for you so far - any glitches or bugs? And, keep in mind that the ability to use Skype.com to make a quick call is coming really soon.