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What’s better than using Skype on your computer? How about using Skype throughout your home? That’s right, you can now use Skype anywhere inside of your house. Skype unleashed its latest phone offering recently, and Skype fans all over the world are rejoicing. The best part about using Skype at home is that it’s easy to set up.

Skype didn’t want to make things complicated when creating an at-home service. So, the company has made setting up Skype to use inside of your home (without a PC) easy. So easy that you only have to set up the service once through your computer. The rest of the time, all you really have to do is pick up the phone and dial. You’ll get Skype’s low rates and free calls to other Skype users – all without sticking around your computer.

How Skype At Home Works

Skype at home is the same Skype that you’ve grown to know and love throughout the years. The only difference is that you can use this Skype from any home phone. To set up Skype at home, you will need the special Skype adaptor and a reliable broadband connection. Every time you want to make a call, you just have to hook up your phone and broadband connection to the adaptor.

Using Skype from your home is as simple as it gets. Within minutes, you will be able to connect a phone in your home to your Skype service. As always, you will be charged according to low Skype rates, and you can call all of your Skype friends for free. If you want to add a new phone to the mix (not necessary, but practical), GE is now offering a Skype-enabled phone. This phone makes it easy to use Skype with the push of a button.

A Landline Replacement?

You may be considering replacing your current landline with a Skype home line. This could, technically, work out, though it’s important to remember that you cannot dial 911 with Skype. If you have a cell phone, you could replace your home phone with a Skype phone. You can also use Skype in addition to a landline – just in case you ever have to make a 911 call.

Even though Skype is not billing its new landline adaptor as a landline replacement, many consumers are still looking at this service as a possible fill-in for an old landline. In fact, it’s the main reason why some might consider buying the Skype adaptor. Skype has been offering consumers great Internet phone service for some time now, so it makes sense that the company would transition into offering a home phone service.

Deals and Availability

Skype wants to sell its new service and home phone adaptor. That’s why the company is offering excellent bundle deals for anyone who buys the new Skype adaptor. If you think that the new Skype offer sounds compelling, you can check out all the Skype deals on the company’s website. You’re sure to find some kind of bundle deal from Skype that suits your budget. The new Skype adaptor and home phone service is currently available in North America and in other parts of the world.