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  • Windows Phone Gets Skype Updates First!
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There are some new Skype updates for Windows Phone available today. Microsoft has unveiled a few new Skype features for its Windows Phone app, and it’s safe to presume that these features will soon be available across other platforms as well.

If you use the Skype app through Windows Phone, here’s what you will find.

A Drawing Function

It’s hard to imagine much use for a drawing tool that can be used through Skype, but Microsoft has added this tool to the app anyway. The thought here is that users can add notes and other bits of information to things like maps when sending a message to another user, or you could just draw a photo for the heck of it. Either way, the Skype for Windows Phone app now includes a drawing option.

Microsoft isn’t the only company to add a drawing feature to a chat app, but it’s kind of a surprising move for the company, since Skype is really more of a text program. The other surprising thing here is that Microsoft hasn’t added these updates to any other platform yet, though the hope is that the company will update all Skype apps in the very near future.

Some Other New Features

In addition to a new drawing feature, the Windows Phone Skype app now also comes with HD screen support, quicker resume times, and the option to sign into Skype using a Windows ID (this wasn’t available before). Microsoft has been largely criticized for not making its Windows Phone apps better and more user-friendly, so the last updated mentioned here aims to take on those criticisms.

While iOS and Android users might be a tad upset that the Skype updates haven’t rolled out to those respective apps yet, this is a wise move for Microsoft in some ways. Previously, Microsoft updated other platforms before WIndows Phone, and this caused a lot of Windows Phone users some anger. Now, Microsoft is finally updating Windows Phone apps first, which should make some users happy.

A Tad Retro

The addition of a drawing tool on the Windows Phone Skype app is kind of retro if you think about it. Back in the old days, various chat apps had drawing tools, and now Skype is going back to those times. In some ways, that’s a really good thing - and an even better thing that Microsoft is actually focusing on Windows Phone apps before developing and releasing updates for other phones.

So if you have a Windows Phone currently, you can check out the new Skype updated that includes the drawing app and the other features listed above. For some, these features will be relatively useless. For others, the new additions are helpful and have been long-awaited.

If you use Skype on your Windows Phone, will you be using these new features, or are these new additions really irrelevant to your Skype experience? Responses to Microsoft’s Skype updated news have been mixed, but most people seem rather indifferent about the new features.