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Listening to music is a great way to fall asleep. This is especially true if you are spending the night in a strange spot or trying to block out the noise of a roommate. Listening to tunes on your smartphone as you drift off into a deep sleep is as close as you can come to having someone sing you a lullaby.

If music isn’t you thing, you might want to try listening to a movie on your phone while trying to fall asleep. Some say that the drone of a movie is a great way to tune out the world. Of course, movies and music aren’t great sleeping tools when that gentle noise disrupts your sleep continuously. When this happens, you have two options. You can wake up and turn off your media player or you can download the Sleep Timer app for Android.

What Sleep Timer Does

Sleep Timer is an app that’s true to its name. This app can be programmed to turn off any kind of media at a given hour. Say, for example, that you want to listen to your music for one hour after you fall asleep. All you have to do is set Sleep Timer for one hour after your bedtime, and the media that you were tuning into will suddenly shut off.

You can also set Sleep Timer to do other things when the timer goes off. Your media can be paused, stopped, or pushed to another player or application. Using Sleep Timer is simple, but it’s a great app that will prove useful for a number of different reasons.

Who Needs Sleep Timer

A phone that runs out of battery power is a useless phone. So, what’s a person to do when an electrical jack isn’t anywhere near? For example, you may decide to head out on a camping trip with your phone, and you may also decide that you want to listen to music while trying to sleep on the bumpy ground. Well, with Sleep Timer, you won’t have to worry about killing your phone’s battery while trying to listen to some tunes.

Anyone who falls asleep listening to music or watching a movie will get a lot of use out of Sleep Timer. This app is extremely handy for kids who like to listen to music and movies as well. Since kids tend to fall asleep easily, parents don’t have to deal with a dead phone battery just because a movie was playing all night long. As you can see, there are many uses for Sleep Timer.


The best thing, well one of the best things, about Sleep Timer is that this app is free. That’s right, you get all of that great timer pleasure for nothing, nada, zilch. As with many Android apps, this one is all about getting the most from the app. No matter what kind of Android phone you have, you can download Sleep Timer free of charge.


There are few drawbacks about Sleep Timer. The one drawback is that this app can’t shut off your phone completely. So, Sleep Timer will keep running when your music or movie stops. Of course, this may drain your battery in itself, but the folks over at Sleep Timer claim that this app won’t suck too much battery power.