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The Top Sleep Tracking Devices

Tracking the way that we sleep is a popular thing to do these days, and with good reason. Most of us don’t get nearly enough sleep, and many of us are walking zombies on a good day. Along with fitness tracking devices, many of these gadgets also track the way that we sleep, how much we sleep, and whether or not we are sleeping enough. If you are in the market for a sleep tracking device, here are some that are worth your dollars.

1. The FitBit One tracker: this compact device is really useful, and it’s also easy to use. The FitBit One tracker can be clipped to your clothes to track your steps and general activity, and it can also be put into “sleep mode” to track your sleep patterns. What kinds of information will you get with the FitBit One?

How many times per night you wake up.
How many hours per night you have slept.
Additional sleep details and apps.

Price: $100 (or less in some places)

2. Jawbone Up: the Jawbone Up is a popular little fitness tracker, and this one also tracks how well you sleep (or don’t sleep) as part of your overall fitness tracking package. The Up comes in the form of a small wristband that you simply wear at all times - wear it to bed, and it will track your sleep patterns (wear it while exercising, and you’ll get some details about your health and fitness patterns).

What you’ll find out:

Whether you are sleeping deeply or just lightly
How many times you toss and turn
How many hours of sleep you get per night
When you wake and when you sleep

Price: $130 (apps are free)

3. Wakemate: I’m guessing that this is the one you haven’t heard too much about, but it does pretty much the same thing as the two more popular wrist bands listed above, but this wristband is solely focused on tracking your sleep. Just wrap the band around your wrist, go to bed, and you will get information about how you sleep.

What you’ll learn:

How you sleep
How many hours you are sleeping
Whether or not you toss and turn

Price: $60 - yes, this one is significantly cheaper, but it doesn’t come with any fitness tracking capabilities, so keep that in mind.

Which One to Buy

Really, it comes down to whether you are looking for a fitness tracker and sleep tracker combined into one slim device, or whether you want something that’s entirely dedicated to sleep. If you only want a sleep tracker, the Wakemate is really not a bad idea. If you want a fitness tracker, well, you have a plethora of new devices to select from - and plenty more are going to arrive in September, so do keep that in mind as well.

If you’ve used a good sleep tracker, which one do you prefer? Have you tried any of the trackers on this list?