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  • A New (and Smaller) Apple TV?
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The second generation Apple TV appeared in 2010. Since that time, the device has been relatively unchanged. Apple may be looking to create a smaller Apple TV, though. But is this rumor true? Not according to Apple.

According to some recent FCC filings and rumors sparked by those filings, the newest Apple TV to hit the market would measure 93.78 square millimeters all around. That’s a slight adjustment from the current Apple TV that measures 98mm. However, Apple has stated that this rumor is not true. The company has confirmed that they are working on a new Apple TV, but the device will not be any different size-wise than former models. Here’s what’s known so far.

Not Quite An Apple TV

The rumors about an Apple TV have been circulating for a long time now. Needless to say, the type of Apple TV that Apple has on the current market isn’t exactly the type of TV that most consumers were expecting. But, Apple never puts out anything that isn’t absolutely perfect. So, maybe Apple isn’t ready to create a television set quite yet. In the meantime, the Apple TV console is here – well, almost.

Inside of the new Apple TV will be an A5X processor, which is a step up from the previous A5 chip. Mind you, it’s not much of a step up, but it’s a step up all the same. Apple has confirmed that the new Apple TV will have a new component, and I’m guessing it’s that A5X processor, but that may not be the case. You can definitely look forward to a new Apple TV soon, though, that much is for certain. Why would you bother with a new Apple TV?

Is It Worth an Upgrade?

Historically, Apple doesn’t upgrade devices unless it’s necessary. Then again, the company did come out with a new iPad right after one was released, and the same thing happened with the iPhone 5. But, the Apple TV is different. Apple TV users have enjoyed the second-generation device without any major difficulties, and it’s affordable as well. So why would you need an upgrade? Perhaps Apple is going to provide support for the new Apple TV but not for the older one? Or, maybe Apple just plans to market that newly upgraded chip.

It’s tough to say for sure what Apple plans to do with the new device or why it is needed, but Apple has confirmed development of a new device all the same. The current Apple TV retails for under $100, provides plenty of content, and works fairly seamlessly. If you don’t have an Apple TV, you might want to wait for the upgrade. Then again, it’s hard to see what this upgrade has that the older model doesn’t have.

Apple doesn’t plan to mess around with its content, and, let’s face it, the Apple TV does plug into the wall, so that faster chip won’t mean too much. Still, my Apple TV has served me very well these past few years, and it’s a heck of a lot better than subscribing to a content service or renting from a video store. Will Apple’s new TV be a massive flat screen? No. Will Apple’s new TV be smaller? No again. Will Apple be creating a new Apple TV soon? Yes!