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  • Microsoft Creating 7" Surface Tablet
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PC sales are at an all-time low. This news surfaced today, and has been drawing some major attention. Why aren't people buying PCs? Mostly because of tablets, it seems. Outside of the office, most people don't use a computer around the clock. Any Internet browsing that needs to be done can be done faster and simpler with a tablet.

Companies like Microsoft are cashing in on this latest tablet craze. Reportedly, Microsoft is creating a 7" Surface tablet that should, well, surface, sometime in the near future. Why create such a small tablet? Mostly because the competition already has a tablet this size.

Tablet Competition Is Fierce

Google, Amazon, and Samsung already have 7-inch tablets that sell quickly and well. Microsoft needs to get in on this game. So, the company will work on building a 7-inch Surface tablet that competes with what Google, Samsung, and Amazon are offering. The public wants smaller devices, it seems, and that's where the future of tablets is headed.

According to recent statistics, consumers just aren't buying large PCs anymore. Further, bigger tablets just aren't selling as much as they used to. People want tablets that are easy to carry, and that means a smaller overall size. Microsoft's Surface has something that other tablets don't, too. The Surface has a touchscreen and keyboard cover add-on, so it really provides the best of both worlds.

Prices Have to Shrink Too

Hopefully, Microsoft will bring down the price of the current Surface when the company creates the 7-inch version. Consumers are often turned away by the Surface due to the tablet's high price. Microsoft's touchscreen sales haven't skyrocketed as the company expected, so a smaller version of the Surface may be just what the doctor ordered.

Android and Google have already lowered 7-inch tablet prices, so Microsoft does have some catching up to do. Even thought the three tablets differ, consumers really keep an eye out for pricing, and that's what seems to be driving this market.

7-Inch Surface Availability

Microsoft hasn't confirmed that the company is working on a smaller tablet, but the sources that tipped me off are reliable enough. Microsoft has to sell more touch screens, and the company really can't afford not to sell a lot of these smaller tablets once they do finally show up on the market.

Microsoft is far from being the only company offering a small tablet option, and this is a fact that must be remembered. Consumers can choose from a number of different small tablets now. So, Microsoft really has to step up the tablet game.

As more and more consumers move away from PCs, companies like Microsoft are taking notice. Don't be surprised to see more smaller tablets hitting the technology scene in the next few months or year. Smaller, in the case of tablets, is better -- and far superior to any kind of PC. Do you use a PC or tablet? Will you use a smaller Surface? In a way, it seems like a small Surface would be harder to use (smaller screen, smaller font, smaller surface), but maybe not.