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  • SmartSync: An Interesting App
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SmartSync is one of the most interesting apps that I’ve reviewed over the past month or so. This app is curious for what it does, but it’s also interesting because there aren’t really any other apps like it. So what does SmartSync do? This app allows you to know everything there is to know about everyone on your contact list at all times. Well, provided those people are connected to Facebook, that is. Confused? Let me explain…

SmartSync Explained

When downloaded, this app scans your address book (permissions must be granted, of course). From there, you must allow the app to connect to your Facebook account. Once that’s done, SmartSync will connect the people in your address book who have Facebook accounts with their current profile posts, picture, and even details like someone’s birthday. What is the point of all this? Well, the idea is that when someone on your list calls you, you will be able to see what’s happening in their world right away.

For example, if my friend Jack phones me, I will see his latest status update (example: “I need someone to help me move today”) in addition to his Facebook photo. If I don’t want to pick up the phone and help Jack move, I don’t have to do this. If I want to help him move, I can say (when answering the phone): “hey, Jack, I’ll help you move, no problem!” Status updates and other bits of information are displayed right on your call screen (iOS), so you can pretend that you pay attention to everything that your friends post.

Testing the App

Here comes the truth of it all – how well does this app work? When tested, I found that it was relatively easy to set up the app, assign Facebook profiles to my contacts, and see all kinds of relevant information. SmartSync didn’t pick up on some of my contact’s Facebook page right away, but I was manually able to select a friend to match with a phone number (even then, the information for these friends didn’t automatically appear).

When call testing the app, I was able to see a friend’s latest Facebook post and profile picture, which was rather interesting and unique. I’m not sure how much I’ll use this app (and you do have to refresh the Facebook feed every so often in order to get the latest updates), but it’s a curious app all the same. Right now, SmartSync is free to purchase, and it will be fun to see how well this app progresses over time. I can see why some people will get a lot of use out of this app (especially if you work in the business world and want to seem like you care a lot about your clients).

However, I’d like to see SmartSync hook up with some addition social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and others (maybe even Google Plus). I’m sure updates and new features are in the works though. If you want to give this app a shot, you can find SmartSync in the Apple App Store right now.