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  • Whisper and Secret Apps: Who Needs a Therapist?
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Telling your deepest darkest secrets just feels good. But only if nobody knows your identity. That’s what the whole therapy profession is built on, after all. Secret and Whisper are two apps designed for telling anonymous secrets, and the popularity of these apps has grown overnight. If you haven’t checked out these apps yet, let me tell you why you should.

Secret and Whisper: Let it All Out

Both of these apps are available for iOS and Android. You simply download the app and start sharing. Or, you can just lurk and read the horrible things that other people are thinking. Some real gems include, “I hate my husband,” and “I’m just married to him for the money.” But the real kicker with Secret, in particular, is that Silicon Valley tech insiders are starting to dish about popular tech companies.

Employees and past employees of some of the tech companies you know and love aren’t shy about spreading gossip through Secret since it’s all anonymous. If you want to know what really happens on the other side of those seemingly happy companies, check out Secret. You’ll be shocked. Not only are the things stated intriguing, reading through these comments is highly addicting – you’ll find yourself reading through comments for hours.

How You Can Share

Both Secret and Whisper let users choose a really pretty photo background. You can upload a photo or use one that you find. From there, just type the words that you want people to know, and post your comment. Once that’s done, people will read what you wrote, like or hate it, and your comment will spread very quickly all over the internet. But, don’t worry, it’s all kept very anonymous, so nobody will ever know what you wrote.

Whisper also includes a desktop application that you can simply check out by heading to the website. Scroll through the posts and try not to let your jaw drop. If you have something that you’ve been dying to get off of your chest, go ahead and let it out. It’s the perfect place to let the world know what you are thinking, and it’s a lot less expensive than a therapist!

Causing Some Problems

Because some Secret users are naming names when it comes to tech companies (and other companies), there’s a bit of an uproar today about this app. However, the app has promised to keep identities a secret (hence, the name of the app), so people can’t be stopped or outed. The company has told press that it does not condone this kind of behavior, but they won’t stop it.

Got something on your mind? Want to tell the world just how much your boss bites? Use Whisper or Secret. Both are free downloads for iOS or Android. If you want to catch a preview of either app, check out the respective websites. When it comes to dishing out secrets, there’s no better way to do it than to do it anonymously.

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