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The smartphone world is a completely unique one. Apps have revolutionized the way that smartphone owners view most things from music to maps. Many websites also allow users to view site content in a different manner. Yet, the number one search engine (Google) remains the same.

Using Google with a smartphone isn’t any different than using Google with a laptop or desktop computer. Searchers still have to type in a search time, flick through a number of possible links, and choose the ones that look appealing. Needless to say, this method of surfing the Internet isn’t smartphone compatible.

Thankfully, the Do@ app is about to change the way that smartphone users browse. Even better, Do@ is a free app (well, it was a free app at the time of this writing, though this could have changed).

An Appealing Alternative to Google Search

Do@ is an app for iPhone (for the time being, this app is not available for Android phones) that makes search for any topic easier. When you add a search query into the Do@ search bar, the app will provide a number of category suggestions (unlike suggested words or phrases). A number of different categories and apps will pop up once a search has been conducted.

The main difference between Do@ and Google Search is that Do@ is entirely visual. Instead of looking at links, users will be given a selection of pictures. You can scroll through photos, choose one that looks appealing, and even select multiple sites at once. The entire experience is a colorful and intelligent one that doesn’t involve starting at a multitude of blue Google links.

Networking with Do@

Since it’s an app, smartphone users can easily share anything of interest on Facebook, Twitter, and some other social networks. Do@ has made it simple to select the social network of interest and share anything. You can also share any site you find via email with one quick swipe.

Another notable feature is the Do@ favorites feature. Marking a site as a “favorite” will allow you to return to that site later. In addition, Do@ will remember the sites that you like, and these sites are bound to pop upon once again during your next search. For example, when searching for a recipe, you might come across the Food Network site. You can add this site as a favorite, and Do@ will remember the site the next time you are looking for an great recipe.

Why Do@ is Better

Do@ is simple, clean, and efficient. Further, this app makes searching for anything a cinch. While you can spend hours looking for something using Google Search from your smartphone, Do@ cuts this time down significantly. Do@ was developed for use with a smartphone whereas Google Search was developed for regularly Internet searches.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to search for something quickly with a smartphone, only to be confronted with a heap of links that make no sense. If you want to search a whole different way, join the Do@ revolution. Do@ is available now through the iPhone app store.