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  • Phone Comparison: Which One Is For You?
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It used to be simple. Picking out a new smartphone meant choosing between Android and Apple. BlackBerry was only a contender if you loved the old-school keyboard. Things aren’t quite so simple today.

Not only has BlackBerry (the company, not the phone) launched a new BlackBerry, you also have to select from Windows phones – in addition to Android phones and Apple phones. If your head starts to spin when looking at phones and your inner voice screams: “Help!” this guide is for you!

A Platform Comparison

Apple’s iOS: apps are the first thing you’ll find when you look at Apple’s iOS. Apple has, by far, the most apps available, and developers tend to create apps for iOS devices before all others. Apple’s iOS also is well developed and user-friendly. You will be stuck with iTunes for content, but that’s not such a bad thing if you want a simple to use phone that just works.

Windows 8: this platform is relatively new. As such, there are many apps in Windows app store right now. Microsoft is also working on making the platform stronger, but this might take some time. Windows 8 is fun to use, but you will have to be patient while this platform grows.

BlackBerry 10: the new BlackBerry OS is smooth, nicely done, and really a joy to use according to those who have had the chance to use it. BlackBerry has spent quite a bit of time working on the new OS, and BlackBerry fans will like what the company has created. BlackBerry is also working on building up its app store. Right now, the store does have plenty of apps, but not so many popular ones.

Android: it’s hard to state that Android’s current platform is great across the board because it really depends on the phone that you choose. Each Android phone tends to come with a unique twist, so keep this in mind when shopping. Google’s Play store does have plenty of apps and most of the apps you’ll find in Apple’s App Store are available.

Contract Woes

Carriers like to keep customers. To make customers happy, carriers often offer deals on various phones. If you’ve been with your carrier for a while, you may want to stick with that carrier. If this is the case, you will have to choose from the phones that your carrier currently offers.

Most likely, you will have your choice of iOS phones and some Android phones – be careful here, since not all Android phones are created equal. A good Android option is the Nexus lineup. If you don’t have a favorite carrier, you can choose any phone you like. Just keep in mind data plan sizes and carrier coverage.

Screen Size and Keyboard

Some phone screens are just too small. If you want to view views and photos with ease, choose a screen that’s on the large size. Good large screen options include the LG Nexus and Samsung’s Galaxy line. Smaller screens include iPhone 4S and the new BlackBerry Q10. It’s best to try out each phone at a kiosk if you have the chance. As far as keyboards go, you’re pretty much locked into touchscreen options.

Older BlackBerry models still have QWERTY keyboards. Lastly, you’ll find that you simply enjoy using one phone over another. You may decide that you are an Apple fan or an Android phone – or, you may want to wait until May to see what the Q10 is all about. Phones are just as personal as shoes or a bag!