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  • Can a Watch Replace a Phone?
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A lot of different companies are coming out with smartwatches that double as phones, but can a smartwatch really replace a phone? That’s what these manufacturers would like you to think. The thing is that most of these watches are, well, watches, and while they might be convenient while running or working outside, they aren’t exactly a phone.

Then again, you may be the exact person that these companies are targeting when it comes to replacing your phone with a watch. Is a smartwatch that doubles as a phone the device for you?

The Samsung Gear S

The one smartwatch that comes to mind is the Samsung Gear S. Samsung has created this watch to entirely replace your smartphone. This watch provides a complete mobile phone, only it comes in the form of a watch that’s strapped to your wrist. You can email, send text messages, and make calls all from the comfort of your wrist with the Gear S. But, can it really replace your phone?

It all comes down to what you do with your phone, and how often you use your phone. If you are glued to your phone, and can’t put it down no matter what, a smartwatch might not be optimal for you. On the other hand, if you don’t care that much about a complete phone, and you just want something that will help you send texts and emails, a watch like the Samsung Gear S may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Will Watches Ever Replace Phones?

It seems like more and more manufacturers are moving towards creating smartwatches that double as phones, but will the public follow? We saw a trend a while ago where some people were moving to flip phones in place of smartphones, but moving to a watch seems like a bit of a stretch. Not only would it be hard for some people to replace a smartphone with a watch, but it would include talking to your wrist most of the time. If Google couldn’t pull of the “look at me be strange” trend with Google Glass, it’s hard to imagine anyone talking to their wrist while walking.

But, there’s no doubt that you will see more and more smartwatches popping up to compete with the likes of Samsung’s newest watch, or to branch out into even vaguer territory with watches that completely replace phones. It will certainly take a special kind of buyer to purchase one of these watches and ditch the phone completely, but that’s something that a lot of companies are currently willing to bank on. I can see the merit if you want to go for a run without a phone, so that you can just use your watch, but would that mean a second cell phone bill? Maybe.

Where to Buy One

If you do love the idea of a watch replacing a phone, you can purchase one like the Samsung Gear S through sites like Amazon and even through Samsung’s main website. Do you think that a watch can replace a phone?