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  • LG's Watch Isn't Square
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LG’s G Watch R Is Not Square

The odd thing about the smartwatch craze is that most of these devices are square in shape. There’s no real reason why the square shape is chosen, but it certainly seems like there’s some kind of unwritten rule about making sure that a tech watch is square and uber geeky - thankfully, LG has finally broken that rule.

The G Watch R Is Unique - Kind Of

LG’s newest watch is the G Watch R, and it’s round, not square. This watch is also constructed with steel parts and a leather bracelet that’s interchangeable. It doesn’t look anything like most smartwatches on the market, but the inside of this watch isn’t as original as I’d like it to be.

The G Watch R is basically the same as most other Android-based smartwatches on the market. This watch needs to be connected to an Android phone to do almost anything, and it doesn’t work with an iPhone. What it can do is report the weather, provide users with messages, do things like work with voice recognition, and work with Android apps that are compatible. So there’s nothing mind-blowing about this watch, but at least it’s not square.


LG has told press that the G Watch R will be available in all major markets in the fourth quarter of 2014, so that means that you’ll see the watch sometime between October and December. As far as smartwatches go, this one might be worth purchasing if you have an Android phone, but I might caution you to hold out and see what other companies are doing where watches are concerned. As mentioned, this watch doesn’t offer a wide variety of original options, but it is a good basic watch to buy if you want something that needs to be tethered to your Android, and also gives you basic update.

Other Bands to Watch

Apple is set to unveil its highly anticipated iWatch on September 6th alongside the new iPhone. I’m not saying that Apple is going to put out a better product, but the rumours surrounding this new wristband point to something that’s really unique - and may not look like a watch at all. Since Apple has been making a lot of headway into the fitness market, it wouldn’t surprise me if the iWatch can do a lot fitness-wise, and doesn't require tethering to a phone to do it - but, that’s all speculation.

There are plenty of other smartwatch options on the market, though most of those are square shaped. If you are looking for something different, the LG G Watch R smartwatch is one to watch - and, hey, it comes with interchangeable straps, so that’s something fun and original, right? Plus, you won’t feel so awkward rocking a round-faced watch with a leather strap when trying to pair your smartwatch with your suit.

What do you think of this new watch? Is a round design enough, or do you want to see something really original hit the market in this arena?