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  • Snapchat's New Spectacles
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Snapchat got some swift and fierce competition when Instagram introduced a video feature that the company outright stated came directly from Snapchat.

Once Instagram users could create little videos like the ones that Snapchat allows users to create, a number of people thought it was all over for Snapchat. But Snapchat’s box of tricks isn’t empty quite yet.

Innovation Wins Every Time

Tech companies die when the innovation well runs dry. Snapchat is still innovating, so even though Instagram offers videos that are a lot like the ones that Snapchat offers, Instagram isn’t going to kill Snapchat. Why? Because Snapchat has just come up with a new invention - even though it is one that is borderline (or maybe all the way across the line!) trendy, it’s still an invention that might just capture a few new users.

So what is it? Glasses. But not just any glasses. These glasses take mini videos. The Snapchat glasses can capture ten second videos that can be sent to smartphones. Why? Well, two reasons, really. First, it’s a lot easier to capture videos when you’re wearing glasses. All you have to do is look at something and you’ve got an interesting video (imagine the possibilities!). The second reason is marketing.

Just In Time For Christmas

Snapchat has noted that the glasses will be available just in time for the holiday season in the US. Glasses might be gimmicky but kids everywhere are going to want a pair. It’s just too much fun not to want to wear glasses to capture everything from street scenes to snowflakes. Snapchat (soon to be renamed Snap Inc.) has told press that the company is still solely focused on video.

Some companies might have changed their stripes when Instagram created its Stories. But Snapchat is staying true to video. Testing for the glasses (called Spectacles) came to Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, when he was out walking with his girlfriend. His girlfriend wore the glasses and recorded things like trees, birds, rivers, and other bits of nature when out on a hike.

Looking at the video that the glasses recorded after the hike, Spiegel told press that it was like reliving the hiking moment.

Reality Video

It’s one thing to create a video and then show it to people but it’s (apparently) another thing to film a video in real time as you walk. Snapchat’s new Spectacles are going to be a slow release, though. The company wants to test out the glasses first to see whether or not they will attract users. Once Spectacles have been thoroughly tested, Snap Inc. plans to release them around the holiday season for all Snapchat users to enjoy.

Spectacles will be a fun toy for Snapchat users this holiday season. The glasses should retail for around $130. While you can’t pick up a pair of Spectacles yet, you will start to see the glasses show up around November. Spectacles probably won’t be a Snapchat saving grace, but the glasses are an interesting addition to the Snapchat lineup.