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  • SnapTerms: All The Legal Term Jargon You Need Under One Site
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For a while, the Internet was a lot like the Wild West. Sites would be built without terms of use clauses or other legal jargon. Then, when it became apparent that site owners could, in fact, get sued, people who owned sites began snatching terms of service words from other sites. For most site owners, writing out terms of use is a pain and hiring a lawyer to create these terms is expensive. Seemingly, e-commerce entrepreneurs were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In addition, most consumers never read a sites terms of use page and those who do bother reading through the jargon often can’t understand what those words mean. In short, a terms of use page is useless unless it is understood, but finding a lawyer to break down those terms into everyday language proved to be tough. That’s where a relatively new startup called SnapTerms comes into play. SnapTerms was founded by Aaron Kelly (Internet lawyer, extraordinaire) and Mike Kolb (entrepreneur), and this site sells a service that almost everyone needs – for a reasonable price.

What SnapTerms Is

Simply put, SnapTerms is a website that offers legally binding Terms Of Use jargon for websites. So, if you need a Terms of Use page to add to your site, you can opt for one of SnapTerms packages and add properly researched and legally logical terms to your site. Sounds expensive, right? Well, don’t let that “legal” word fool you. SnapTerms is actually quite reasonably priced – especially when you consider the cost of hiring a private lawyer to write up your terms for you, or making the mistake of not posting any terms at all and losing money over this blunder.

SnapTerms offers very affordable packages for all budgets. The $149 Pro Plan comes with Terms of Use and a tidy Privacy Policy. The $299 Pro Plus includes a specialized and customized Terms of Use in addition to a consultation, which I’m sure is priceless. Lastly, the Custom Plan starts at $299 and is exactly as it sounds – a super customized Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and other terms plan that will be tailor made for your site by some of the best legal brains on the web. Really, any one of these packages will provide you with peace of mind while ensuring that your site is nicely protected. Also, let’s be fair here, $149+ is a minimal price to pay for a legally binding set of words that will keep you from being sued or from other malicious intent – not bad at all.

Expansion on the Horizon

According to a recent TechCrunch article, SnapTerms aims to expand its services as soon as the word spreads about the site. Presumably, the brains behind SnapTerms will keep prices low while adding more legal brains to the mix. It’s easy to see why this site is appealing and even easier to see why SnapTerms will do very well. The founders of SnapTerms found a great niche that was in high demand and they are providing an excellent service to fulfill that demand. If you have a website of any kind, you can’t afford not to be protected from all legal angles.