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  • Jersey Shore’s Snooki Creates Facebook Game
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Lady GaGa just created a new social network (Little Monsters), so why shouldn’t Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi create a Facebook game? The Jersey Shore star has just released her first Facebook game called Snooki’s Match Game. As you might have guessed from the title (or from watching Jersey Shore), Snooki’s Match Game is all about matching guidos and guidettes.

Essentially, players will be presented with two photos: a picture of a girl and picture of a boy. The object of the game is to match the right girl with the right boy in order to form a couple. If you guess which people go together, you win. But, wait, there’s more: you can also rate each person on a hotness scale.

That’s right, if you think that your friend Sarah is hotter than her boyfriend Mike, you can let the world know that she’s better looking (of course, you have to gain both Sarah’s and Mike’s permission first…I hope). You can also see how many people matched how many couples correctly and which couples are more gorgeous than other couples. If this sounds shallow and useless to you, you’re obviously not part of the Snooki fan club. A club that’s (according to the company that developed Snooki’s Match Game) “dedicated (source: Mashable)” to the Jersey Shore meatball.

You Know You Want To Play

Even though Snooki’s Match Game is really nothing more than a popularity contest based on looks, isn’t that what Jersey Shore is all about? More importantly, you know you want to play this game, come on – how often do you get a chance to humiliate your friends by rating them on a hotness scale? On the flip side, this game could be a lot of fun if not done maliciously. In addition, it’s just the first in a long line of Facebook games to bear Snooki’s name.

The company that developed the game, Apps Genius, has reportedly signed a contract with Snooki to create eight apps. That’s right, you can expect (at least) seven more apps from the Jersey Shore star. What will these apps entail? Rating a guido’s abs or learning how to speak “Shore?” Who knows; but one thing’s for certain: you can expect Snooki’s Match Game to start popping up on your Facebook timeline soon enough (and you can also expect lots of requests for you to join the game).

How to Play and Sign Up

Signing up to play Snooki’s Match Game is easy enough. Just head to your Facebook account, type “Snooki’s Match Game” in the search bar, grant permissions, and get to matching those guidos and guidettes. That’s it!

Looking Forward

From Lady GaGa to Snooki, stars have finally figured out that fans are online. From mobile games to apps to social networks, those celebrities that want to connect with their fan base will start looking to mobile apps and to the Internet. You can bet on the fact that many other celebrities will follow in GaGa’s and Snooki’s footsteps – the two ladies who started it all (fist pump!).