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Saving a few dollars on regular grocery items is always a good thing. Saving even more money on those everyday items by shopping at Soap.com is an even better thing. Soap.com has been selling household products (pharmacy items, dish soap, laundry soap) for some time now.

The site, owned by Amazon, is now set to sell grocery items as well. Given the trust that Amazon has built with consumers, it makes a lot of sense for the online retail giant to branch out into selling grocery and soap-related items.

If you’ve never used Soap.com, the site is really worth taking a look at. Prices on this site are hard to beat – even if you usually shop at bulk stores. In addition to low prices, Amazon’s Soap.com also provides free shipping to consumers who purchase more than $39 worth of goods (an easy thing to do if you buy most of your groceries from this site).

How Soap.com Works

You can use Soap.com just like you would use any other online shopping site. Simply search for an item (let’s say, Clorox Wipes) select that item, and then add the item to your shopping cart. If you rack up more than $39 worth of goods, your delivery costs will be nullified. If you do not manage to spend more than $39, the delivery cost is around $5 – still unbeatable.

Soap.com has everything you could want in the way of household cleaners, soaps, and even pharmaceutical items such as vitamins and other products. Now, Soap.com will also sell shelf stable grocery items, so you can stock up on cereal or granola bars for the entire year. What makes Soap.com different from other sites of this kind? Basically, Soap.com has Amazon behind it, and any company that’s backed by Amazon is bound to have a very large selection of well-priced products to choose from.

Amazon Becomes a Top Contender

For awhile now, Amazon has ruled the online retail arena. Now, with the addition of grocery items on Soap.com, Amazon is becoming very hard to beat. Not only did Amazon come out with a Kindle tablet that allows users to access the company’s extremely large database of books, the company now owns a large chunk of the online retail game. In fact, it seems like Amazon is now the company to beat.

I took a few moments to look around Soap.com, and the prices that Amazon is offering are often lower than other big name retailers. It’s easy to see how a person could order more than $39 worth of stuff from Soap.com, qualify for free shipping, and save a bundle on everyday household items.

Sure, people like to buy items in-store, so that quality can be reviewed and tested, but items that people buy every week (like cleaning products) are familiar items that aren’t likely to change whether or not these things are purchased online or in a brick and mortar store.

There’s no doubt in this reviewer’s mind that Soap.com will quickly become the online shopping destination for those in the know. To find out more about this site, visit www.soap.com.