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  • A New Social Network… by Lady GaGa?
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Most celebrities stay out of the spotlight and offline as much as possible. Not Lady GaGa. Lady GaGa has made it a point to use technology to her advantage (something that other entertainers can learn a lot from). From promoting her albums through the Internet to working with Google on various projects, Lady GaGa is no technology slouch. In fact, much the opposite is true. In addition to gathering millions of YouTube and Google Plus fans, Lady GaGa has just launched her own social network called Little Monsters.

Officially, Little Monsters was launched in beta approximately four weeks ago. However, word about the new network has just gotten out. What’s Little Monsters about? Essentially, this social network is a site for Lady GaGa fans to promote their work, connect with other fans, and, of course, talk about Lady GaGa.

How the Site Works

As with most beta sites, in order to play around with Little Monsters, you’ll have to request an invitation. While this reviewer hasn’t had a chance to play around with the site completely, there are some things that are apparent from the start. The first of those things is that this site seems to resemble Pinterest and other sites that allow users to pin posts, photos, and various details. Thanks to a thorough run-through by Mashable, it’s clear to see that posting to Little Monsters is easy enough to do, though it’s hard to see this social network as more than a homage to the singer herself.

Then again, if your goal is to reach out an connect with other Lady GaGa fans, post details about GaGa and share your work with the world, Little Monsters is the site for you. Sure, this site might be a way to spread the word about Lady GaGa, but this singer is doing one thing right: she’s actually connecting with fans on a very personal level. How personal? Lady GaGa has already commented on user profiles, liked a number of user posts, and reached out to her fans as herself (not some hired intern). This, clearly, is something that users and fans of all ages respect and want more of.

Behind Little Monsters

Behind the Little Monsters site is a startup called Backplane. This is the first site developed by Backplane, but I’m guessing it won’t be the last we hear from this startup. Thus far, the Little Monsters site has gained a significant amount of interest, and the site is sure to grow quickly throughout the next few weeks. Will Little Monster rival Pinterest, Google Plus, or Facebook? It’s not likely that Little Monsters will be the next big social media thing, but it is a site that’s worth taking a close look at if you love what Lady GaGa does.

If you want to sign up for a Little Monsters account, you will have to wait awhile. After submitting your name and email address, you will be sent an email response stating that you are on the sign up list. A few weeks following this initial sign up, you will be granted a beta password – as the Little Monsters site says: “Paws Up!”