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  • Software Warning: Careful Where You Download From
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The Internet is an interesting place. Some websites look stellar, but offer no real value. Other websites look like a scam, but offer honest answers. When it comes to software downloads, it’s a mixed bag of good and bad. More often than not, software download sites can be trusted. When you download from a site that’s up to no good, you’re gambling the life of your system.

Ratings are Overrated

A number of software sites include software ratings. Since people tend to equate ratings with truth, a site that doesn’t include a rating is often ignored. Rather than hire actual humans to rate each product, a number of sites simply provide computer generated ratings.

What’s wrong with computer generated ratings? Everything. A rating that has been supplied by a machine means that nobody has taken the time to review an actual download. Thus, downloads from these sites could be laced with viruses, glitches, and other problems. Conducting a bit of background research on any software site you are considering is a wise idea.

Which Sites Can You Trust?

It’s tough to list those sites that aren’t run by a large and soulless computer. Really, the only way to find out who is behind a website is to send an email to a site reviewer or coordinator. If you receive an automated email response, there’s no doubt that you’re dealing with a machine. If you are lucky enough to gain a personalized response, you’ve found a site that is controlled by human hands.

On the rare occasion that you find a human-run site, find out how each product is rated. Products should be reviewed for any possible spyware, privacy threats, and a developer’s reputation. Some developers leave a trail of unreliability behind them, and these bad boys should not be part of a reputable site’s download lineup.

Beware of the Automatic Download

If your system is currently set up to receive automatic downloads of any kind, stop this process in its tracks. It is far too easy for infected software to be included in an automatic download batch. Make sure to preview every software download, read about the software itself, and reference that human-run review site you found.

All too often, people make the mistake of allowing a company to download software to a system. This frequently results in viruses, spyware, and all kinds of additional trouble. The only software that should be downloaded is software that you pick and choose – with caution.