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User-friendly software can be hard to find. This is especially true when it comes to user-friendly software that seniors can use with ease. Products that seniors will find simple include programs that have large font, clean interfaces, and helpful directions. If you’re looking for the right senior software, you’ll find the following programs fit the bill.

PointerWare -- $8 Per Month

PointerWare is one of the simplest ways to teach a computer newcomer how to use a basic system. This software comes complete with large fonts, an uncluttered desktop, and simple point and click instructions. Basic desktop tasks are clearly labeled, and all seniors have to do is point to an icon with a mouse. PointerWare couldn’t be simpler, which is exactly why it’s perfect for senior use. PointerWare comes with a one month free trial that will help you decide if this program is right for the senior in your life.

Generations On Line – Email Company For Rates

Generations On Line is an interesting program that combines useful computer skills with online basics. One portion of this program allows seniors to connect with children in classrooms around the world. Another part of this program brings seniors through the process of sending an email (including specifics). From start to finish, Generations On Line is intelligent and well thought out.

Seniors who are looking for a way to bridge the gap between the past and future will enjoy working with the large fonts and clear explanations offered by the developers of Generations On Line. The one drawback to this program is that Generations On Line is only available for senior home or senior center use. Senior homes must apply to use Generations On Line through the developers website.

InTouchLink – Monthly Subscription

InTouchLink is similar to Generations On Line, only this program was developed for individual use. InTouchLink teaches seniors how to use the Internet simply and quickly. InTouchLink is a web-based program that can be used with any system. Seniors can click on large icons in order to access the Internet, email, games, and other applications.

By visiting the InTouchLink website, seniors will find the Internet easier to navigate. InTouchLink also includes a “brain fitness” application that helps cognitive ability through brain exercises. InTouchLink is a relatively new program, but it’s also one that’s garnering a lot of attention.

What to Look For

As you can tell from the aforementioned programs, senior software should include large fonts, lots of colorful diagrams, and plenty of user help. Seniors can learn to use all Internet and system applications through these programs. Selecting the right program depends on the individual. If possible, go through any free trial period offered by a developer before purchasing any one program.