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  • Buying Software for an Autistic Child
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Teaching an autistic child can be tough. Autistic children don’t usually respond to traditional teaching methods, which is why special autism software exists. These programs come in many different forms ranging from music comprehension to basic speech software. Shopping for autism software requires a sharp eye and careful selection.

Know Your Child

Frequently, autistic children become irritated by certain sounds, colors, and other program quirks. A program that flickers or includes the color red may cause your child to become irritated or angry. When shopping for autism programs, look for one that does not include any overly stimulating features.

The best way to explore all possible software options is to take advantage of free software trials. You may run the risk of upsetting your child with a free trial, but you’ll find out whether or not a program is worth purchasing. You can also read software reviews, though there aren’t many autism software reviews to be found.


A program that is not user-friendly is a useless program. This statement is true when buying any kind of software, but it is especially true when buying autism software. Your child may not be able to access a help button or look online for an answer to a complex question. Thus, autism programs must be user-friend in two ways.

Software must be easy for your child to use, but it must also be easy for you to use. Presumably, you will become your child’s crutch when help is needed. Thus, software must be simple enough for you to navigate. If you are a software pro, you will find most programs a cinch. If you are new to software, look for a program that contains help bubbles, online support, and an easily navigable interface.

Speech Recognition Options

All autistic children are different. Some children can speak without an issue, but may have difficulty using a computer. For these children, speech recognition programs are life savers. You can program a speech recognition program to recognize a child’s voice, which will make using any program easier.

The main problem with speech recognition programs is functionality. Some of these programs work better than others. Make sure to read reviews, take advantage of free trial offers, and try out free programs (some of these work very well!). If you think speech recognition may help your child, there are lots of software options available.