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When life hands you numerous balls to juggle, there’s only one thing that you can do. That one thing is to learn how to become a better juggler. In short, A

FastFox Text Expander -- $30+

You may not think that you type the same sentence or phrase over and over again, but chances are that you do repeat yourself frequently. Repetitiveness is nothing to be ashamed about, sometimes you just have to send out the same emails, letters, and other statements to many different people.

When this happens, there’s no point in wasting time typing the same phrase or sentence more than once. FastFox Text Expander can help you quickly create any kind of document by creating entire phrase, sentence, and paragraph shortcuts. Just tell FastFox what shortcut keys you need, and you’ll never have to type the same sentence or paragraph again. FastFox Text Expander also comes with a free trial.

Switch Audio Converter – $50+

Few things are more frustrating than not having the right song format. Many types of audio files exist, and converting files can be tricky. Switch Audio Converter aims to make switching any audio file into the right format simple. A clean interface, plenty of user help, and a decent price make this program worth purchasing and upgrading.

Foxit Reader – $25+

You may be familiar with Adobe Reader, but many people are beginning to prefer Foxit Reader over Adobe. Both programs are PDF readers, but Foxit Reader comes with many more options than Adobe does. Foxit Reader also presents PDF files in a nice and clean manner, so that you won’t become confused when trying to read a simple PDF file. Where Adobe lacks, Foxit Reader picks up the slack. Try Foxit Reader if you’re used to Adobe – you’ll love the difference that this program makes.

LastPass – Free and Paid Version

If you’re like most people, you probably have more than five passwords to remember at any given time. Recalling all of these passwords is nearly impossible unless, of course, you have a photographic memory. Instead of entering the wrong password again and again, use a password manager. LastPass is an excellent password management tool. This program can help you remember passwords, and it’s entirely secure. Don’t bother writing down many different passwords, simply allow LastPass to remember your passwords for you.