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  • Sonalight Voice Activation for Android
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There are lots of voice activation apps out there. Unfortunately, most of those applications aren’t great to say the least. Sonalight Voice Activation for Android used to be in the “not so great” category, but now this app is turning heads. What’s changed? Like most startups, Sonalight has been working on perfecting their product, and all of that hard work certainly looks like it’s paid off.

The Sonalight Voice Activation app allows Android users to send and receive text messages through the entirely hands-free application. Now, when I say “hands-free” here, I don’t mean that Android users who use the application have to tap a button on-screen every time they want to record a message – I literally mean “hands-free” in every manner of the term. Got an Android phone? You really don’t want to miss out on this app.

How Sonalight Voice Activation App Works

Once the app has been selected (available through Android’s Marketplace), the app is ready to work – selecting the app is the only touching you will have to do while the app is running. If you put your phone in sleep mode, the app still runs. If you leave the app running in the background while you do other things, the app is still running. To activate the app, all you have to do is say your selected command word. After you’ve spoken those magic words, the Sonalight app starts to work.

From there, you can ask the app to send a text message to anyone in your contact list. You can then say what you want to app to write, the app will repeat it back to you (in a pleasant female voice with a decidedly British accent), and your text will be sent. This app also reads any incoming text messages that have been sent to your phone, and you have the option to reply, skip, or have the message repeated. All of this can be done while your phone is sitting next to you while you are driving or working on another task. Again, no touching of the screen is necessary until you wan to quit the app. Sonalight can even be programmed to start up when you begin to drive your vehicle.

Better Than Siri?

Of course, any AI app these days will be automatically compared to Siri (it’s impossible not to, really). So, how does the Sonalight app look when placed next to Apple’s newest wonder? Pretty darn good; in fact, where Siri requires a bit of touching now and then, Sonalight’s app doesn’t require any hands-on gestures at all. Really, this app is a great addition to any Android phone, so you’ll want to check it out if you have an Android option.

Best of all, the Sonalight Voice Activation app is free and ready for download to your Android device right now. Some reviewers have reported that the app doesn’t work well on certain Android phones, but that’s really a matter of a bad device (not a bad app). Two thumbs up, Sonalight, this is a great AI for Android breakthrough!