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  • Sony’s New 4K Ultra HD TV Movie Player
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Sony is about to launch an 84-inch LED TV. The price tag that comes with this mammoth set is a whopping $24,999.99. For that price, one would hope that Sony might throw in something extra, and the company doesn’t disappoint. For the price of some cars, you can purchase the 84-inch beast and receive the first ever 4K Ultra HD Video Player – that’s kind of a big deal.

Sony’s 4K video player will be the first 4K quality video player for home usage. It’s too bad that the video player has to come with a TV that most people can’t actually afford, but the 4K will be on the market all the same. Sony might, just maybe, change the game.

All About the 4K Video Player

The 4K Player comes pre-loaded with short concerts, some action clips, and ten awesome movies (titles below). So, what’s the big deal about a 4K video player? This is the same quality that movie theaters currently use. It is possible, depending on how great Sony’s player actually is, that consumers may not have to go to the theater anymore to see really top quality movies and images. Sony isn’t the only company creating a 4K Player, but it is the first company to introduce the player to the market completely pre-loaded.

In addition to the 4K Player, users will be given a special remote to access and control the player. While most people won’t be able to afford the television that comes with the player, prices are bound to drop at some point. When this happens, 4K will be the newest thing to hit the television scene since flat screens. If you do happen to have $29K to spend on a TV, here’s the list of movies that the 4K Player comes loaded with: Total Recall, The Amazing Spiderman, Taxi Driver, Bad Teacher, Battle Los Angeles, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Salt, The Other Guys, That’s My Boy, and The Karate Kid (2010 version).


An exact release date hasn’t been announced yet, but the press release that Sony sent out today does state that consumers can find out more about the TV and 4K Player by visiting the Sony website. Right now, it’s not possible to purchase the 4K Player without buying the very expensive TV, but Sony is targeting those who can afford a $29K TV first. Once this crowd has given Sony an opinion on the new viewing experience, Sony will then determine whether or not the 4K Player needs tweaking.

Excited about movie-quality viewing in your home? Can’t wait to see what the 4K Player can do? Head on over to the Sony website for helpful videos, some additional information, and for the full press release. For some, the news that movie theater quality film will now be available in-home is a great thing. For others, it may mean the eventual demise of the movie industry. Either way, the possibility of a 4K Movie Player is something that was once only dreamed about. Now, Sony (and others soon to follow) have made that dream come true.