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  • Sony Is Focusing More on PlayStation
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Sony is no longer the electronics corporation that you once knew. The company is slowly spinning off its video and audio divisions, and has already diverged from its television division.

The company seems to be moving away from its original “One Sony” stance, and instead selling off parts of the company as the years progress. So what is Sony now if it’s not an electronics company?

The New Sony

Sony will now be focusing on three particular areas of business including Sony Entertainment Corp., selling Sony image sensors to other companies (namely Apple), and the company’s PlayStation division. So what about all the other electronics that Sony used to sell? Some of that has been spun off into the AV division that might be the next part of Sony to go.

Sony execs have told press that the head of each division will have the deciding factor of where that division goes in the future, but it’s not looking bright for Sony’s Audio/Visual department.

This means that Sony will be putting a lot more focus on PlayStation, which will please a lot of PS fans. What it also means is that after a long run focusing on TVs and other electronics, Sony is bowing out of the game. What happened to Sony? Basically, the smartphone craze. Sony used to build some decent electronics, but other companies have almost completely buried Sony in the past few years resulting in a change of direction for the failing company.

Sony execs had to make a decision, and that meant chopping a lot of the company’s electronics.

Too Late?

Unfortunately, the problem with Sony’s recent decisions to restructure is that many of Sony’s former buyers have moved onto different companies. Companies like Samsung have picked up the slack. When Sony was putting out mediocre software, which was happening for a while, a lot of people moved to Samsung. Now that the company wants those people back, it might not be so easy to do.

For some, the news that Sony is going to stop splitting attention between too many divisions isn’t a bad thing. On the large scale, though, the fact that Sony can’t cut it when it comes to competing with other companies is a sad fact. If you wanted to compare, though this company hasn’t been around as long as Sony by any stretch, BlackBerry had similar issues. It’s a reality that you can’t compete in today’s device world unless you have devices that are in demand.

Tough to Keep Up

One mishap (or a few in Sony’s case) means losing a large amount of your clientele to other companies that are getting it right. So while you’ll still be seeing Sony’s brand on various devices that will likely roll out of the next few months, the company isn’t going to focus on phones, TVs, and other electronics, and the whole A/V division is about to be axed, it seems.

What this does mean, though, is that you can expect more from PlayStation. Sony execs have stated that the growth of the company is in gaming, and that’s what Sony will be known for from here on out.