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  • Sony Extends Phone Battery Life
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Smartphone users used to buy a phone every time a new one came out. People would shell out hundreds for the newest phone technology. But this has stopped. Why? Phone technology isn’t really improving. Nothing new has been released in a while.

Companies like Apple put out new phones, but those phones are really just shinier versions of previous models.

The problem with hanging onto a phone for a long time isn’t the phone itself. It’s the battery life. The longer you keep a phone the more the battery wears down (it’s simple logic). This is a problem that Sony intends to solve.

Sony’s Take on Phones

Sony has noted that batteries are the one thing people need more of - battery life, to be specific. But replacing a phone’s battery isn’t something a lot of people bother to do. Instead, people will hang onto a phone with a bad battery and just keep using that phone unhappily. Plus, companies do not benefit from people hanging onto phones for a long time.

So Sony has found a way to extend phone battery life. Sony has partnered with Qnovo to insert battery extension technology into the latest Sony Xperia phone models. The new technology will help batteries last longer. Sony has been studying battery habits of users and the company has found that batteries last longer when they are not charged at 100%.

So the new battery extension technology will help to double the life of Xperia phones from two to four years. The technology delays a full battery charge, which helps extend battery life. All of this is a great move for Sony.

Struggling Sony

Sony has been struggling over the past few years where phone sales are concerned. Even though the company is still making solid phones with some new technology, Sony phones haven’t really captured consumer attention. This is a major problem for the company, since its phone division isn’t increasing where profits are concerned.

In addition, Sony might be able to sell this new battery extension technology to other companies that are also struggling to sell new phones. While Sony isn’t increasing sales where phones are concerned, the company might be able to create a new revenue stream with this latest battery technology.

Are Smartphones Dying?

As users hang onto the same phones for more than two years, one has to wonder if interest in smartphone technology is dying. Or it could just be that no company has really come out with any major improvements in smartphone for quite some time now. Either way, people just aren’t buying as many smartphones as they used to.

Companies might want to follow in Sony’s footsteps by figuring out how to generate money on smartphone divisions without actually trying to sell smartphones. Either that or try and create phone technology that is really different on the inside (not just on the outside). Sony’s new technology will be dropped into the latest Xperia versions. Look for those later this year.