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  • Sony’s Webstore Has Been Launched
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Why haven’t you heard of the Sony Entertainment Network yet? Mostly because Sony didn’t actually announce the launch of its new network. Even though Sony officially rolled out the Entertainment Network yesterday, the company didn’t send out a press release, create a site video, or generate any kind of buzz. Why? It’s tough to say, but the Entertainment Network is, indeed, here. If you are a fan of Microsoft’s Xbox Store, you’ll want to check out what competitor Sony is up to.

Inside the Sony Entertainment Network

Sony’s new Entertainment Network provides consumers with access to the company’s video, TV, and movie content. Similar to the PlayStation Store, the Entertainment Network is geared towards a non-gaming crowd, it seems.

Basically, Sony’s new Entertainment Network offers up new movies, music, and other entertainment bits for any consumer to access through the Entertainment Network site. Sony’s main sell here is that the company’s prices are lower for, say, renting a new movie. But, how do Sony’s prices really match up?

For $9.99/month or $59.99 (save 50% by going this route), you can gain unlimited access to music downloads played on a number of different devices (Premium Plan). For $4.99/month, you can listen to unlimited downloads on a Mac, PC, or PlayStation 3. If you are into Sony’s movie offerings, rates are applied on a per-rental basis, and tend to comply with standard rental rates.

Games are also included in the Entertainment Network and range from $8 to more than $30 depending on the game chosen. Needless to state, games work with Sony consoles only. Why purchase videos, music, and games through the Sony Entertainment Store instead of another option?

Sony’s Entertainment Appeal

Sony offers some gaming titles that can’t be found elsewhere, so that’s one reason to consider joining the new Entertainment Network. You may also find that purchasing a music plan for $60/year is a better deal than purchasing one tune at a time from a site like iTunes. It’s also worth pointing out that Sony has a decent content selection to choose from. Even though Sony didn’t officially announce the new Entertainment Network, this newest Sony venture is interesting, indeed.

If you happen to have some time today to mess around with the Entertainment Network, you’ll notice that Sony is offering some special holiday pricing deals on certain games, music, and movies. You’ll also note that Sony includes a 14-day free trial offer for those who want to check out the network without making a commitment.

Presumably, Sony will be announcing the new Entertainment Network at some point today or next week. Even though the company didn’t put out an official announcement, it’s hard not to notice when a major gaming company like Sony sets up something as big as the Entertainment Network online.

Sony’s new Entertainment Network should not be confused with Sony’s Book Store, since the two are actually separate entities. However, you will find a lot of tried and true Sony content on the new Entertainment Network, along with most new movie and song titles. Clearly, Sony has put a lot of thought and work into developing the new Entertainment Network.