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  • Sony Music Unlimited Coming to iOS
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Sony Music Unlimited has been available though Android (and Sony devices, obviously) for some time now. Today, the company announced that it will be making the leap to iOS devices. This might come as a surprise to many, since there are already plenty of streaming music options available on iOS. Yet, Sony believes that there is still tons of room for some more competition, and the music giant might be right.

In case you’re wondering, Sony Music Unlimited is a streaming music service similar to Rhapsody or any other service of the kind. Subscribers can pay $9.99 per month (premium) for access to an unlimited amount of music, and Sony does have a decent selection. But, what is Sony doing crossing over into iOS territory? Isn’t this market already saturated enough?

The Sony Offering

Sony made the Music Unlimited announcement at the CES conference in Las Vegas, but that didn’t stop those who were covering the conference from looking stumped. Seemingly, Sony will offer premium subscribers the change to cache music offline, which would allow those users to make and save playlists for later offline use. Aside from this feature, it’s hard to say why some people would choose Sony’s service over all others available through on iOS. The app itself is, of course, free, but that’s not a big enough selling point.

What Sony might be doing is trying, at all costs, to boost its sales. Even if a handful of iOS users sign up for the Sony music service, that’s more members than Sony had before. Seen in this light, Sony may be making a smart move. Then again, it’s tough to say how many iOS users will give the Sony service a shot. If you own an iOS device, will you be downloading the Sony music app and getting all of your tunes from Sony?

A Cost Advantage

When it comes to cost (over iTunes, at least) Sony has an advantage. Sony charges members a one month flat fee for unlimited music downloads. In order to snag the same amount of music from iTunes, iOS users would have to fork over a fair bit of cash. Since iTunes is a pay-per-song kind of deal, some people may find that Sony’s music offer is far more appealing. Then again, Sony isn’t the only music offering out there to offer a monthly fee. Still, those who currently use Sony’s music service through Android tend to like this music option a lot. In fact, the Sony music service is one of the most popular Android streaming offerings.

If you are tired of what iTunes has to offer and you want to see what Sony can do, you might want to keep your eyes and ears open for news of the new iOS Sony Music Unlimited service. As far as availability goes, Sony has only said that the service will surface sometime this quarter, so keep a lookout. There might be some reasons why Sony Music Unlimited will do well on iOS devices, do you know what those reasons are? If you think that Sony has a distinct advantage when it comes to its streaming music offering, let us know in the comments.