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  • Sony PS3 Wireless Headset
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Gamers of all ages have been waiting for a wireless headset from Sony for quite awhile now. Recently, Sony gave gamers what they have been waiting for. The Sony PS3 Wireless Headset is everything that you want it to be, and it comes with a reasonable price tag too. Aside from being made by the most recognized gaming company on the planet (arguably), this headset comes with some features that may have you forking over $100 before you know it.

Sony started off this wireless headset venture by molding the futuristic-looking headset from brushed steel – a nice touch. The headband is also quite appealing, and the whole headset really looks like it was designed for gaming. In short, you won’t confuse this headset with anything that you’d use to listen to your iTunes. Style aside, the wireless headset from Sony also includes some very cool details.


Most wireless headsets are a pain to connect. Sony has connectivity down to a science with the handy USB dongle that comes with the PS3 Wireless Headset. To connect the headset, all you have to do is plug the dongle into your PS3. As soon as the headset detects a connection, the whole thing will be ready to roll. Simple, slick, and user-friendly – what more could you want from a wireless headset?

Even better, if the USB dongle doesn’t detect a connection, it will stop searching. This will save you from draining your battery quickly. Connection ease aside, this wireless headset works very well anywhere you roam. While the headset signal will drop if you roam too far, you can walk around a very large room or flat while still staying connected. Again, Sony has made connectivity a top priority, and it should be – after all, this is a wireless headset.

Comfort and Controls

If you’re going to play a video game or two for hours on end, you’ll want your wireless headset to be comfortable. Sony knows how important gaming comfort is, which is why this wireless headset sits very comfortable on the ears. You’ll also love the soft padding that surrounds your ears as you play the day away.

Some reviewers have complained that this headset creaks a bit during use, but this is a minor drawback, and, really, most headsets that are made of brushed metal will creak. If creaking noises don’t bother you, there’s nothing really uncomfortable or badly made about this headset.

Even the controls that Sony has added to the headset are readily accessible.

Unlike other headsets in its class, the controls that are part of this headset are easy to access and ready to use when you need them. You will even find a small USB port that will allow you to charge the UBS dongle in order to keep the lithium-ion battery running for a long time. In short, there’s really nothing that Sony hasn’t thought of. If you’re looking for the ultimate wireless gaming headset, you don’t need to look much further than this Sony offering.