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  • Sony's New DualShock 4 Pics
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Last February, Sony created a big PlayStation 4 event. Only, the company didn't actually show off the new PlayStation console at the event. One of the things that was revealed was the DualShock 4, in theory. Sony showed pictures of the new controller at the event, and now the actual prototype has surfaced at the Game Developers Conference.

So, what does it look like? In true Sony style, this controller has a matte look to it, and it appears to be bigger and more comfortable to hold that then last PlayStation controller. There are also a few additional details that Sony has revealed.

Light Bar and More

On the back of the controller is a Light Bar that looks somewhat odd (and lightsaber-like), but serves a direct lighting purpose. The controller has the usual gaming buttons to the right and left of the device, but the handles really set this one apart.

PlayStation gamers have noted that previous PlayStation controllers were too thin to grasp. It seems that Sony has listened to this complaint. The new controller definitely has larger handles that appear to be wrapped in a scent grip-like substance. But, it's kind of hard to tell specifics from the prototype mock-ups that Sony has been showing off today.

An Eye Camera Too

In addition to the new controller, Sony also revealed an Eye Camera today. This camera is, essentially, a long black bar that has two cameras buried in it. There's not much to say about the bar, really. But, if you did read up on what Sony promised back in February, you already know what the bar is meant to do. No time for back reading? Here's the scoop.

The Eye Camera bar was created to detect motion. Inside of the eye bar are two wide-angle lens cameras along with 85-degree diagonal views. This camera is supposed to give the new PlayStation an amazing depth of view, but that remains to be seen. The Eye Camera also includes four microphones that should allow the camera to pick up on all sounds. In short, there's a lot of thought packed into this camera, and I can't wait to see more.

Other Important Notes

Other details that Sony unveiled back in February pertained to the controller mentioned above. The light bars (aforementioned) are meant to correspond to game characters, so that players can keep easier tabs during gameplay. This is a nice feature that a lot of gamers will appreciate, for sure! Thus far, Sony has lived up to its controller and camera promises.

Some sources are pouting to a June launch date for the new console and all of its hardware bits. It's tough to pinpoint that date specifically, but it certainly seems like that date is arriving sooner rather than later! Get ready, PlayStation fans, the PS4 is underway and coming at you soon! I'll keep you posted as Sony unveils more details, and as soon as some lucky reviewer gets his hands on the newest PlayStation 4 goods.