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  • Everything that You Need to Know About the PS4
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Yesterday, Sony made some huge PlayStation 4 (PS4) announcements -- the first major announcement being the console itself. We all knew that the PS4 was in the works, and we guessed at a February 20th announcement date, but the rest was a mystery.

Thankfully, Sony didn’t disappoint when the console was, indeed, announced and introduced on the 20th. In addition to the actual PS4 console, Sony also introduced the DualShock 4 controller. Here’s everything you need to know about the new PS4!

The DualShock Controller

“DualShock” sounds like something out of a comic book. But, really, this controller is really just a touchpad device. It’s hard not to be reminded of what Nintendo just put out with the new Wii, but I digress. The new DualShock controller lets users view any game on the viewfinder while also switching from TV to controller view (in case someone wants to watch TV and you want to play your PS4 game). The DualShock controller comes with a nice 3D camera and a built-in speaker.

The DualShock controller also comes with a nifty (that’s right, I said “nifty”) “share” button that makes it possible for gamers to instantly share games and stats with friends. Friends can also take over a controller if allowed – a novel feature! Not only can gamers view a game from the DualShock device, but Sony is also working on a second screen option that will really blow your mind.

Here’s Where It Gets Interesting!

Sony is currently working on an app for the PS4 – wait, that’s not the interesting part. This app will make it possible to play current PS4 games on a tablet or smartphone. In short, you will be able to use your tablet or smartphone as a companion device. Alright, I’ll wait here while your mind is blown! Sony wants users to be able to view map details and other information on a larger screen, which is why the company is working on this amazing app.

What about the technical aspect of the PS4? What’s inside the console and what has Sony done to ensure that the PS4 is better than all the rest? Take a gander at the new console’s insides.

Details and PS4 Specs

First, this console will have 8 AMD Jaguar CPU bits. The console will also have a 720p 3D camera; Radeon graphics engine; a super fast Blu-Ray; and mostly AMD silicon. Does this sound great to you? Well, you definitely aren’t alone. The PS4 is one of the most highly anticipated consoles to arrive this year.

Even though the new Wii got a decent amount of exposure and fanfare, it pales in comparison to those who have been waiting for the PS4 to arrive. Of course, Nintendo and Sony are competing for entirely different crowds and markets. When can you buy the PS4 and how much will it cost? Here’s the interesting thing about Sony’s recent announcement.

The company told press everything about the console, down to the details, but what the console looks like or how much it will cost remains a mystery! I’ll let you know as soon as Sony alerts press!