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  • Sony’s Tablet P: Possibly Over-Rated
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Sony has been putting out some good tablets lately. But there comes a time when every company should consider whether the next upcoming device is innovative or just plain over the top. The Sony Tablet P is of the over the top kind. This tablet comes with not one, but two screens. If you haven’t had a chance to view this tablet, here’s a mental image for you: this tablet closes completely leaving no screen to face the outside world. Instead, the Tablet P includes two screens that can be viewed when opening up the tablet (like a book).

Two screens might seem like a great idea, but there’s a fundamental problem or two with the design of the Tablet P. Before you rush out and buy Sony’s newest tablet offering, consider these important drawbacks. Then, if you’re still intrigued, it’s a good idea to test out the Tablet P before buying it. Here’s why some people are finding the Tablet P to be less than novel.

Wait – I Can’t See!

Books have bindings that separate one page from the next and the Tablet P has a large black bar that separates one screen from the next. You can view content on one of the Tablet P’s screens or you can use both screens to view content full-size – just watch out for that annoying black bar that’s smack in-between both screens. Likened to sitting behind a large column when watching a play or a concert, that black folding bar really does get in the way of viewing pleasure.

If you can get over the black bar issue (bad designing on Sony’s part, it seems – couldn’t the bar be translucent?), there are still some problems with the Tablet P that might drive you nuts. The next issue is that you can view separate content on the two screens. Now, it would seem that having two screens would mean being able to view different content per screen, kind of like a split-screen. However, this is not the case. There are some apps that show up on just one side of the Tablet P (specially modified apps), but you have to remember that each screen inside of this tablet is only around 5-inches big, so viewing anything on a small screen is tiresome.

Lastly, It’s a Pricing Issue

Sony has always priced most of its devices fairly, but the Tablet P seems to be priced a big on the high side. The smallish Tablet P retails for $550, which is significantly higher than most other tablets in its class. If you add all of the drawbacks listed above with that high price tag, the end result is a tablet that’s just not worth the price. Still, I’m loving the fact that Sony is innovating and attempting to come up with a tablet that doesn’t just copy what Apple is doing – good work, Sony.

Oh, there’s just one more problem with the Tablet P. Today, LG announced a new e-reader that actually bends without breaking. Even though the LG EPD is an e-reader an not a tablet, it seems as though tablet manufacturers might be heading more towards LG’s flexible plastic technology and away from tablets that are rigid but fold in half.