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  • Sony’s Tablet S: Not Like the iPad
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Sony has created some eye-popping devices over the years. As such, many expected Sony to come out with a tablet that was unique and practical – thankfully, the ever-innovative company didn’t disappoint. The Sony Tablet S is not another clone of the iPad (halleluiah!). Instead, Sony has approached tablet design from a whole new point of view – one that makes a lot of sense.

Aside from the fact that the Sony Tablet S just looks different, it’s also a joy to use. Reviews of the Tablet S are pouring in from all corners, and there are very few negative comments surrounding this new device. If you’re in the market for a table that isn’t the iPad – or a copy of the popular Apple device – you’ll want to turn your attention towards the Sony Tablet S.

A Mind-Blowing Design

The problem with most tablets is that they are flat, bulky, and not really user-friendly. If you want to type for a long time using an iPad, for example, your hands and fingers will feel the abuse after a few hours. This is not the case with the Tablet S. Sony has figured out a way to make using a tablet just as comfortable as using your home desktop or laptop.
Instead of creating a tablet that looks like a slab of wood, the Tablet S is curved. The S begins at 0.3-inches and smoothly makes its way to 0.79-inches at the top of the tablet.

This angled design allows your hands to type swiftly and comfortably without the usual awkwardness of typing or surfing the web on a flat tablet. If you’re having a hard time picturing this design, think of a magazine folded in half. One half of the magazine is wider than the other half due to the fold, and this is exactly what Sony had in mind when created in the Tablet S.

Aside from Design

There’s no doubt that Sony’s design will draw crowds, but this Android-based tablet comes with other interesting features. This tablet was designed for two types of people: gamers and those who use tablets as replacements for desktops or laptops. In addition to making icons easier to navigate and adding useful widget, Sony has also made the Tablet S ideal for any gaming endeavor.

What makes this such a great gaming tablet? Does the name “PlayStation” mean anything to you? The Sony Tablet S is the first PlayStation certified tablet. This means that the Tablet S comes packed with Pinball Heroes and Crash Bandicoot. Sony and PlayStation promise to release lots more game titles later this year, which will easily put the Tablet S in a category of its own.

Pricing, Availability, and other Details

A tablet of this magnitude must come with a high price, right? Well, the Tablet S isn’t cheap, but the price of this tablet is justified by the price. You will be able to purchase the Tablet 2 (16GB) for $500. If you want something a bit bigger (32GB), you will have to fork over $600.

These prices might seem a bit high, but remember the design, gaming abilities, and PlayStation certification that this tablet comes with – dare I say that other manufacturers will be attempting to copy Sony’s design and 9.4-inch display?

Might this tablet be a top iPad competitor or is the Tablet S in a class all its own? You can check out the Sony Tablet S for yourself in late September of 2011 at every electronics store near you.