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  • New Sony Vita Accessories
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Sony has gained a fair amount of success with its handheld Vita console. Attempting to cash in on that success, Sony has just announced that the Vita will now come with a slew of interesting accessories. Per usual, Sony will release these accessories in Japan within the next few weeks, but there is no word yet as to when Sony will open up Vita accessory buying to the rest of the world.

As you’ll see, the accessories that Sony has chosen to add to the Vita are useful. No doubt gamers who are already addicted to the Vita will find a lot of use for these new parts. If you live outside of Japan, you may be able to order some of these accessories online. Otherwise, you will have to wait until Sony decided that there’s enough of a market elsewhere to try out the new goods. Here’s what you can expect to see (in Japan, at least) from Sony soon.

Accessory Details

One of the first accessories that caught my eye is the Sony Vita earbuds. The reason for the attention-getting earbuds is two-fold. First, there’s no doubt that you’ll want earbuds if you currently have a Vita, so Sony earbuds kind of make sense. Second, why would you need Sony-specific earbuds when any old set of earbuds will work? Presumably, Sony will make these earbuds incomparable, and the new set does come with a mute switch, which will be helpful to most users.

Sony has also listed a USB cable, memory cards, an AC adaptor, screen protector, memory card case, and a cradle as some of the accessories the company plans to pump out within the next few weeks. Most of these items make a lot of sense – so much sense that one wonders why Sony didn’t create these basic things from the start.

Suggested Purchases

If you check out the Sony homepage, you’ll also find that the videogame giant has created two new cases for the Vita. Since the Vita will set you back $299, purchasing a protective case is a good way to keep your investment (video game consoles can be an investment!) safe from crashes, bangs, and bumps that you may encounter along the way. For these reasons, purchasing a case (even if it’s not a case made by Sony) for your Vita is essential.

Another essential item is a screen protector. As mentioned, Sony plans to unveil a screen protector specifically for the Vita within the next few months. This will keep your screen from becoming filled with fingerprints, smudged, or ruined in most manners. If you’re familiar with smartphone screens, you know how these screens operate. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase the new Sony screen protector if you don’t life in Japan. Still, it’s a good idea to see if any other screen protector on the market will keep your Vita safe.

Accessory Pricing

Sure, accessories are great, but only if they are affordable. Sony has a track record of releasing accessories that are priced very high. Perhaps this is why Sony is waiting to see whether or not the new Vita accessories will be well received in Japan before sending these new items out into the rest of the world. There’s no word from Sony yet on pricing, though some speculate these accessories to be priced on the high side.