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  • New Sony Vita and Vita TV!
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It's always exciting when Sony announces a new console, right? Well, that time of year is upon us: the time when companies start unrolling new options, and Sony is one of the first to announce some new gaming choices. The reworked PlayStation Vita and the all-new PlayStation Vita TV are what Sony has been working on, and they are both headed to a store near you soon. Let's look at the details.

The Reworked PlayStation Vita Handheld

The new PlayStation Vita is lighter and thinner than its predecessor, but that's not all. This handheld also has 1GB of memory storage, and OLED screen, and a battery that Sony claims is its most durable option yet. Plus the new PlayStation Vita handheld will come in grey, green, yellow, black, blue, and pink, so your kids will have plenty to choose from (or, you can snag one for yourself).

Sony's latest Vita handhelds will be available in Japan first on October tenth, and then rolling out to North America later this year (I'm guessing around the holiday season). Sony is attaching a $190 price tag to the latest Vita handheld. In addition to the new Vita handheld announcement, Sony has unveiled something that the company is calling Vita TV.

Sony's Vita TV

The Vita TV is, essentially, a small box (about the size of a deck of cards) that comes with memory card and game slots (it doesn't come with anything else). The idea is to use the box to plug into your TV (via HDMI cable), and then play Vita games on your big screen. You'll need the Dual Shock 3 controller in order to play those games, but Sony won't be including this controller with the purchase of the Vita TV.

At some future point (Sony hasn't released these details yet), you will also be able to stream PS4 games from a PS4 that you have in your home (you'll need to buy one, obviously). The streaming feature hasn't been update or completed yet, though. The Sony Vita TV will be priced at $100, and this console will arrive in Japan first, too.

A Deep Impact

It's relatively safe to say that Sony will squash competitors with the Vita TV box if the box does as its supposed to. Why? Because it's priced at just $100, and that's hard to beat for a box that streams PlayStation 4 and Vita games. If this box works as well as Sony expects it to, you could see these boxes flying off of store shelves during the holiday crunch time.

Will the new Sony Vita and the Vita TV console be the devices to purchase this winter? It is certainly looking like these two options will be on the top of many wish lists. Unfortunately, Sony hasn't released an exact North American debut date quite yet, so it's hard to say whether or not these two consoles will arrive in time for the holidays - but I'm better that they will! Will you be getting your hands on a new Vita or Vita TV box?