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Anything you want can be found on the Internet. Of course, finding that thing may take hours. Consider the last time you searched for an electronic device or other item online: how long did it take you to find the information you were looking for? If you are like most informed consumers, you spent a good amount of time looking for details, pricing, and information about a product or service. It’s great to be an informed consumer, but it’s not so great to spend your time and energy needlessly searching the Internet for information.

Instead of wasting lots of precious time, consider using the newly launched site Sortable.com. Sortable is a type of search engine that allows you to enter a basic item you are looking for (say, “TV”) a price limit (under $500), and click the search button. The idea is to bring you the exact thing that you are searching for (or a list of things) within minutes. Sortable skips that lengthy research process that you’d have to go through if you were looking for an item using a search engine like Google. Sortable is a website that’s based on an interesting concept, but will this site work or entice users like you to make Sortable a go-to resource?

A Test

When testing Sortable, I found this site to work rather well. I searched for a “Tablet” under “$400, and Sortable came up with more than 400 different options for me to choose from. When you conduct a search, the names of different device pop up in addition to specs about those devices. So, simply from looking at one screen, I was able to find out everything I wanted to know about the 400 available tablets that fit my search terms. In addition, Sortable allows users to sort through products according to different criteria (price, battery life…).

The whole process took approximately two minutes to complete (maybe less), and I did get a list of many different types of tablets to select from. Since Sortable is a new site, there aren’t too many searchable items on the site right now. Mostly, at the time of this writing, Sortable offers consumers the option to search for electronics. I’m guessing that Sortable will expand its searchable options sometime soon, and new users can even recommend different search terms (a good idea if you want to see this site succeed).

The Interface

While Sortable was easy to use, I’m not sold on this site’s interface. The site looks somewhat confusing after a search has been conducted, and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to use the varying search terms. Sortable’s final search screen also looks crowded, and the site could benefit from some more clean white space.

Otherwise, Sortable is a fun site to use if you are looking for an item but you don’t want to spend hours searching for that item (and details about the item) online.
If you’re currently shopping for any kind of device, take a moment to check out Sortable. The site is fast and relatively easy to use, and you’re bound to find what you’re looking for without wasting hours of your life.