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  • New SoundCloud Updates
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There’s a new SoundCloud for iOS (Android to follow). If you use this service, you’ll want to note a few new key features.

Some Changes Have Been Made

The new SoundCloud only focuses on listening. The old ability to record audio and upload it to SoundCloud has been removed, and now you can simply listen to music from artists that you follow, friends, or from certain music genres. This is the first major change that SoundCloud has made. The second change comes in the form of a new search option.

Using SoundCloud’s new search feature, you can look for music, podcasts, comedy bits, and other items by searching through the entire SoundCloud catalogue. The search option makes finding what you need a lot simpler. There’s one more change that SoundCloud has just made, and this one has to do with your personal music collection.

The third change allows users to flip through their stored music collection, and this includes looking through liked selections and playlists. SoundCloud has made some additional adjustments that don’t involve registered users too.

Everyone Can Stream

Now, you don’t have to be registered with SoundCloud in order to use the service. You can simply listen to trending tracks by looking through the SoundCloud trending catalogue. This means that you don’t have to be logged in to listen to tracks too, just in case you don’t feel like signing up for the service.

The overall design of the app has changed too. You’ll notice that album covers and artist photos are larger, the app is simpler to navigate, and the whole thing just makes a lot more sense. Profile pages are also larger and simpler to play with, which is a nice touch. SoundCloud’s vision was to make the app easier to access for everyone that wants to try it out, and to provide current users with a clearer version of the app that includes a better way to search through songs. In short, this was a needed change that SoundCloud users will appreciate.

Other Details

SoundCloud is one of the biggest streaming companies out there, second only to YouTube. The app originally launched in order to allow artists to showcase their music, and the app hasn’t really been changed since its first launch back in 2008. The company felt that it was time for an overhaul, and the entire program has been rewritten (according to company reps). If you use SoundCloud a lot, you’ll see the difference right away. If not, you’ll just see that this service is pretty to look at.

Currently, SoundCloud is free to use, which poses a slight problem for the company. It’s hard to see how this streaming company will actually gain income, but I’m sure that they have some kind of plan in mind. Either way, though, the new app is nice, has a lovely layout, and is something that you’ll want to look at if you have an iOS device – as mentioned, Android updates are coming very soon (the date has not yet been listed).