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SoundHound is a very useful and technologically innovative application. It was designed as a resource for instant music search and discovery. It is a great tool for exploring more about your favorite songs and artists and finding similar music based on your current preferences.

The feature that really sets SoundHound apart from the many other music applications, is its ability to listen to songs and accurately identify the song and artist. Perhaps most impressive, the application can identify songs based listening to a hummed melody. The application is available for $6.99, and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones.

Song Recognition

One of SoundHound's coolest features is the song recognition capability. Have you ever been out on the town and heard a song playing on the radio that you just love? Now you don't have to wait to find out if the DJ will announce the name of the song, or awkwardly ask a cashier if he or she knows the name of the song. SoundHound actually has the ability to listen to music, and use the sound bite to find the name of the song and artist. This application claims to be the fastest and most accurate song recognition software on the market.

The song recognition can even pick up hummed tunes. Users can sing, or even hum a tune into the microphone, and if the its close enough to the recorded audio, the application can find the song. With this application, you never have to have a song name or artist stuck on the tip of your tongue ever again.

Music Information

SoundHound can also find music based on text or voice search. The application pulls information from the user's music collection, and the internet, to find just about any song or band you can think of. Once the music is located, it can be played, bookmarked, and even purchased straight from the application. The song search can also be used to launch a Pandora playlist from any song in the database.

The SoundHound application can find lyrics to almost any song, making for much easier and more accurate sing-alongs. A map can be viewed in the song's profile, indicating where you were when you discovered the song. Tour dates for bands can also be accessed from the song's profile page. Similar songs and artists can be found based on their favorite music, in order to expand their musical tastes.

Underplayed List

The underplayed list is a great feature for finding new, underground music. If you're only means of finding new music is the radio, you are seriously limiting your musical horizons. Radio stations tend to play only the most popular music, and they also often repeat the same few songs for months, if not years. In case you hadn't noticed, the internet is changing almost everything about how information is shared, and music is no exception.

The underplayed list is a collection of the top played and searched for songs within the SoundHound application, that are not featured on the radio. Don't let the radio decide what you listen to. SoundHound let's users experience what underground bands are popular, and possibly discover whole new genres of music that they enjoy.