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  • SoundHound Comes to Android
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When you think of apps that help you name a tune, Shazam is probably the first app that comes to mind. For a while, Shazam was the only app of its kind. When that app became popular, other apps of a similar vein started to pop up. The one app that has survived outside of Shazam is SoundHound. SoundHound appeared on iOS first, but now app developers have made an Android version.

SoundHound is significantly different from Shazam, though it does share some similarities. Not sure if you want another song recognition app? I don’t blame you. But, it’s worth taking a look at what Shazam offers before disregarding this app altogether.

SoundHound Lets You Hum Too

Shazam will help you find the name of that song that’s been driving you nuts (and artist too). SoundHound does this – and more. SoundHound is the only app out there that will pick up a tune to the sound of your beautiful humming. Got a song stuck in your head? Go ahead and hum into your phone (just do it behind closed doors!). The SoundHound app will let you know what that song is.

The SoundHound for Android app works well, is easy to setup, and really simple to use. In fact, if you’ve used Shazam before, you’ll be well acquainted with the way that SoundHound works. Simply tap the SoundHound logo and away you go – you’ll have that artist, album, and song name information in no time.

SoundHound for Android is available in two different versions too. The first version is the free variety that is attached to various advertisements. The second version is a $5 paid version that still comes with some ads. So, should you opt for the paid version? Probably not; but SoundHound is fun all the same.

Some Drawbacks

When tested, SoundHound for Android did not pick up radio songs quite as well as Shazam. Another drawback is that SoundHound has some curious privacy requirements. In order to use the app, you must grant the app permission to log your phone number and other personal details. I’m not too keen on this idea, but it’s ultimately up to you.

The developers behind SoundHound haven’t stated why these details are necessary, but I’m guessing it has to do with the sponsored ads that SoundHound runs. The more information they can gather about you, the better advertisers can market ads aimed at you.

But, with these drawbacks in mind, SoundHound does offer an alternative to Shazam and the app is fun to use. Plus, when I tested the app it picked up more than a few songs from CDs, my computer, my own voice (when humming), and many radio songs that were not extremely obscure.

If you listen to a lot of opera, though, you might find that Shazam is a better option (SoundHound seems to have a tough time picking up opera voices). SoundHound is a free app that’s available to all Android users right now. I caution against the paid version of this app (after all, why pay for ads?), but the free version is a worth a look if you don’t mind giving up some personal details.