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  • South Park Via PlayStation 3
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South Park goes video once again with a new game titled “South Park: The Game” for PlayStation 3. This game will allow gamers to control the virtual South Park town. If this video game concept sounds familiar to you, that’s because South Park has been turned into a video game a few times before, though PlayStation claims that this time will be different. If you’re wondering how another virtual South Park video game can be different from the last two games of this sort, there are a few things that you can look for.

Not only will this video game be a huge hit with South Park fans, it also looks like a game that will be a lot of fun to use. After all, it’s not every day that you get to control what happens in your own virtual South Park town, right? If you want to scope out this video game, you will have to wait until the second half of 2012 – sorry, this won’t be out in time to make your holiday list! South Park creators haven’t released too much information yet, but here are a few things that you can look forward to.

Your Role in South Park

When you play South Park: The Game, you will be dropped into the town of South Park as the new kid in town. As the new kid in South Park, you know that integrating in this town won’t be easy. Not only will you have to make friends and go about your daily life, but you’ll also have to defend the town from an array of dangers. Along the way, you’ll rub elbows will all of South Park’s loveable characters, and you may learn a few new words along the way.

Speaking of new words, there’s no game rating yet, but you may want to keep your young kids away from this one, since it will be written in true South Park style.

On the note of script writing, the script for South Park: The Game will be written by Trey Parker and Matt Stone in order to keep the characters in, well, character.

There’s no doubt that this script will rock as most things South Park do, and it’s a good way to introduce South Park to teen gamers who may not be familiar with the cartoon (if you so desire). For those of us who have been watching South Park for years now, this game will simply be a great way to waste time.

The PlayStation 3 Factor

Need I say that you need to have a PlayStation 3 to play the South Park game? So, you might not be able to buy the game yet, but you may want to consider hitting those pre-holiday or post-holiday sales in order to scoop up a brand new PlayStation 3.

These consoles are one of the best selling consoles on the current market, and a PlayStation 3 console will only set you back a couple of hundred bucks. If you have a gamer on your holiday list, a PS3 console will make a great gift. If you don’t know any gamers, why not buy one for yourself?

To find out more about South Park: The Game, keep checking the Game Informer website (Game Informer was the first site to break the game news). Game Informer has told press that they will be releasing more South Park: The Game details in the upcoming edition of Game Informer Magazine.

Don’t have a subscription? There’s another thing that you can add to your holiday wish list! If you love South Park, video games, and the PlayStation 3, you have to get this game when it hits store shelves towards the end of 2012.