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  • How Speech Recognition Software Can Make Life Easier
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Speech recognition software was once reserved for the visually impaired. Today, many people use this type of software for a number of different reasons. Speech recognition software is available in many different forms throughout most of the world. If you’ve been tempted by speech recognition software, but haven’t tried it yet, here are a few reasons why you should take the plunge.


Few people can type quickly. Unless you were born and raised with a laptop in your hands (slight exaggeration), you probably speak faster than you type. Well, speech recognition software takes advantage of your velvety voice. Instead of suffering through finger cramps, all you have to do is dictated a letter, article, or other piece to your word processor.


Sometimes, having another set of fingers is helpful. This is especially true when it comes to multi-tasking. While speech recognition software won’t help you grow another hand, it will help you get more than one task done. Walk on a treadmill, do yoga, or clean your house while speaking to your computer. There’s no better way to complete a long list of tasks.


Recordings can be useful things. Especially when it comes to finding out who messed up what project. Many programs recognize speech recognition software, and these programs often record everything that you say. When you need to play an earlier conversation, simply hit the “play” button. The only other way to do this is to use a tape recorder.

Creative Flow
Are you a better talker than typist? If you can command a crowd with your words, you’ll probably write better texts with speech software. Sometimes talking out loud allows you to express thoughts and issues in a whole new manner. Talking without stopping to type can encourage your creative flow. This is a great benefit if you write for a living or if you craft lots of speeches.

A Slight Issue

Good news is always accompanied by a bit of bad news. In this case, the bad news is that speech recognition software doesn’t always get it right. When it comes to spelling, grammar, and other mistakes, it’s best to double-check anything that you write with this type of software. Otherwise, you could wind up making some embarrassing mistakes!