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  • Splash: The Ultimate Event Planning System
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Planning a really large event is difficult, time-consuming, and almost impossible to keep track of for the most part. Unless you’re an event planner and most of your time is spent planning events, you might need some help coordinating that next party or fundraiser. Well, there’s a new website in town called Splash that aims to do just that: help you plan your next event with success.

Splash is quite simple to use, offers a great way to plan, invite, and track attendees, and even allows you to post photos from the event once the party is over. If you have any kind of event coming up, this free service is really worth checking out. Here’s how Splash works.

Signing Up and Using Splash

When you sign up for a Splash account, you will need to provide the site with your full name, email address, and a quick password. From there, you will be sent to an event creation page. On your event creation page, you can do stuff like name the event, add subtext, a background photo, select people who you want to send the invite to, and even connect your event page with your current Twitter account. When you’re done, you can also create a special event URL, so you can simply send the people you invite to the event webpage.

You might be wondering what the difference is between Splash and inviting people to an event via a social networking site like Facebook (a popular way to invite people to events these days, it seems). The main reason why Splash will work better than Facebook is that Splash doesn’t require people to post any RSVP response to a wall, and your guests won’t see whom else you’ve invited. Another good reason to use Splash as opposed to Facebook is that it’s simply not Facebook, and you can invite people who don’t use Facebook to your event using Splash. Comparisons aside, Splash was very easy to use when tested.

Invite Helpers to Your Event

Splash also provides you with an opportunity to invite fellow event planners to your Splash page in order to help you coordinate your event. This is a nice feature, since any large event requires a few pairs of hands, at least. Much like a project collaboration website, Splash allows more than one person to handle event details – all for free. It’s easy to see how this site can be used for many different types of event planning, including wedding planning.

If you have an event coming up that you need help with, Splash is definitely recommended. Not only is this site easy to use and really only takes a few moments of your time to set up, but you will be provided with an event URL, the ability to add project collaborators to help you plan your event, and you can even add funding details (if your event will be sponsored by a company or other venture). Simply put, Splash is event planning made easy.