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  • Splash.FM: Flaunt Your Music Taste
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There’s a new music site in town, but this one doesn’t require a subscription or allow you to stream anything. Instead, Splash.FM is a kind of social network mixed with a music discovery site. Users can list their favorite songs, follow other users, listen to the clips that other users post, and attempt to gain “splash” points. Splash points won’t get you anything other than street cred, but that’s enough incentive for most people.

When taking a tour of Splash, this reviewer found the site to be fun, though far from complete (that’s fair, since Splash is still in beta). If you’re looking for a way to discover music or to help other people discover the music you love, Splash.FM might be something that you’ll want to look into once the site goes public. Here’s what you can expect from Splash.FM as soon as you can snag that invite.

Using the Site

After setting up a Splash.FM account (using your Facebook sign-in information is easiest), you will be taken through a brief tutorial. After the tutorial has ended, you will be free to roam the site as you please. You’ll see a small box on your homepage that allows you to enter the names of songs or artists that you like. After you’ve selected a song, you can add that song to your Splash list. You’ll also see a list of top Splash users to the right side of the screen and some popular Splash songs.

If you click on the name of a top user, you will be brought to that user’s page. From there, you can click on any of the song titles that users have included in a Splash list. The more hits a song gets, the bigger a users’s Splash score gets (top users on the site already have scores of 90+, so building your Splash score doesn’t appear to be very tough).

The idea behind Splash is to help people discover new music, but (after browsing the site) most users simply list top 40 pop and rap songs – this user wanted to see more original selections. Then again, the songs that the site currently has in its library are limited (lots of karaoke tracks too). Splash allows users to upload a track if the track a user wants to add to a Splash list is missing, but this seems to be a lot of work for very little reward.

Why Use the Site?

Sometimes it’s hard to find new music. It’s even harder to find new and unique music. By listening to the tunes that other people like, you may discover some songs you didn’t know about before. As mentioned, right now the Splash.FM site is dominated by people who enjoy popular music (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but I’m guessing that Splash.FM will soon pick up some users who have more eclectic taste. Once this happens, Splash.FM will be a site that everyone will want to use to discover new tunes. Splash.FM also allows you to chat with users, so you can find out about an indie track or an album you’ve never heard of.