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  • Split The Rent: A Great Way to Share
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Regardless of where you live, chances are that rent is expensive. The best way to combat high rental rates is to find a roommate. Roommates are curious creatures. On the one hand, a roommate can be your best friend, pal, and closest confidant. On the other, a roommate can pose a constant problem.

As with couples all across the world, the number one thing that roommates fight over is money. Sharing a home with someone means sharing bills, rent, and other items. Splitting these costs is not always easy. That’s where Split The Rent comes into play. If you have a roommate, you’ll want to keep reading.

Note: at the time of this writing, Split The Rent had just move websites and was creating different programs regarding budgets and utilities. This may not currently be the case.

A Handy Calculator

There’s nothing strange, new-age, or overly innovate about Split The Rent. Yet, it manages to accomplish a task that no other program has touched upon. As the name suggests, Split The Rent is a calculator that allows you to fairly and equally split the rent with your roommate. What if you have more than one? No problem.

To use this program, simply plug a few bits of information into the Slit The Rent calculator. Stuff like the size of your apartment, the total monthly rent, and other apartment features are important. Once you add these numbers into the Split The Rent calculator, you’ll be given a fair monthly amount to pay.

Free and Clear

Split The Rent is a free program. Anyone can use this calculator and arrive at a rental splitting amount. If you head over to the Split The Rent website, you’ll see that the developers of this calculator have also created some budget tracking tools that are useful and fun.

Some Concerns

There’s no denying the fact that Split The Rent is a fun and simple tool. Yet, it’s also a tool that may cause some contention between you and your roommates. Split The Rent takes into consideration the number of rooms inside of an apartment. The program then asks you to add information such as the size of the rooms, whether or not a room has squeaky floors, and how many windows are in each room.

The idea is that whoever winds up with the lesser room will pay less rent. It’s hard to be entirely convinced that all roommates will be copacetic with this arrangement. After all, you are splitting an entire apartment regardless of room size or squeaky floors – but that’s just my two cents.

If all the terms considered by this program make sense to you (and your roommates), Split The Rent is a great program to check out. Even if you don’t have a roommate (but would like to see how much you can save monthly if you did), Split The Rent will help you come up with a fair asking price. You’ll also find details for couples who want to split rent.