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It is said that misery loves company. Fitness loves company too. That's why so many people check-in on Facebook when going to the gym or attending a fitness class. Sadly, Facebook friends aren't supportive of those fitness check-ins. But that doesn't meant that you can't get support elsewhere.

Rejoice, fitness fans! There are social networks just for people like you. Really? Social networks that cater to fitness freaks? That's right. Lots of networks that are fully of supportive people wanting to see that next check-in. Ready to get off of Facebook and get on a network that's as crazy about fitness as you are?

Extra Pounds Network

Got some extra pounds to lose? Want to make friends while doing it? Share motivations quotes, memes, and tips? Extra Pounds is the network for you. This free network contains lots of fitness articles, networks, groups, and everything else that you will need in order to become the fitness enthusiast you want to be. Check this site out for support and praise.


Mbodyment isn't a popular site, but it's a site that will get you where you need to go. This site consists of tons of fitness videos (free) and groups. You can join any number of groups that relates to the program you are current using (you can even hook up with personal trainers to ask questions).


This is more of a website than a social network, but Bodbuilding.com also has forums and groups that you can join. If you are into serious body building, this site has it all from articles to really helpful videos. It's well worth looking at this site!

My Yoga Online

Are you more into yoga than weight lifting? If you want to join a supportive yoga community, My Yoga Online is a great place to start. You can check out videos, articles, and member comments. While doing yoga for the first time, go slowly to avoid injury. This site will help you figure out those poses. If you're new to yoga or want to learn more about it, My Yoga Online is the way to go.

Other Site Suggestions

There are many other websites, apps, and social networks out there that promote fitness. Sites that are full of people wanting to perfect their bodies, just like you are trying to do. But, hey, that doesn't mean that you can't post things on Facebook or check-in when you want to. If the majority of Facebook users can post baby photos or other comments and check-ins, you can post what you want too.

My advice is this: find a social network that was created for fitness junkies, and cut loose those people on your current networks that put down your gym check-ins. If they can't support you, you probably don't need them, right? Do you have any additional apps, sites, or networks to add to this list? More ideas? Post some comments below, and let your fitness friends know where to go when seeking support or advice.